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Police: 'This student was like a candy store of drugs'

By torachi, Dec 3, 2010 | Updated: Dec 6, 2010 | | |
  1. torachi
    A high school student in West Linn, Ore., was arrested on drug charges after an officer found "quite an extensive inventory" of illegal drugs in the student's possession.

    WEST LINN, Ore. -- A West Linn High School student was arrested on drug charges after an officer found "a candy store of drugs" in the student's possession.

    "This student was like a candy store of drugs," West Linn Police School Resource Officer Mike Francis said. "He had quite an extensive inventory."

    Francis arrested Garret Taylor Smith, 18, on Dec. 1 on charges of possession of Psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school.

    Francis received information from a staff member at West Linn High School about two students who smelled like green, unburnt marijuana.

    Francis found Smith as he left campus in his car and then later stopped the vehicle on Rosemont Road when Francis was immediately struck by the strong odor of green marijuana.

    Smith was later arrested and during the investigation, he was found to have about two ounces of marijuana, plus LSD, hash oil, liquid MDMA, ecstasy, six bongs, flavored rolling papers and a fake urine kit used to fool drug tests.

    Smith was taken to the Clackamas County Jail on jailed on $50,000 bail on the possession charges. More charges may be forthcoming.

    Story Published: Dec 2, 2010 at 12:26 PM PST

    By KATU.com staff



  1. EscapeDummy
    Liquid MDMA? Has anyone else heard such a thing? Also, seems like a pretty high bail for simple possession, although he does have several schedule I drugs. Swim was in court recently and two men recieved 50,000$ bail on charges of methamphetamine possession & trafficking (they had 2.8g of methampetamine when caught)
  2. torachi
    Probably MDMA dissolved in solution. Easy dosing for youngsters.

    More than likely its due to it being on/near a school.
  3. ST1R
    Prolly GHB or related. Cops always call it liquid x or GBH. Wankers.
  4. SlightlyBitter
  5. sparkling_star
    As you noted, part of it is about having the schedule I drugs. Then, there has been a trend of lessening sentencing for cocaine/methamphetamine/heroine lately. Third, 2.8 g should not be considered trafficking (even if it is) but personal use. Fourth (and most importantly), he was in a school zone, which instantly makes the punishment of any drug crime in the U.S. far more severe. The rule people should follow if they choose to use drugs in the U.S.: NEVER be within 1000 feet of a school zone.
  6. God hates me
    He's actually got some pretty nice glass, I want a ti pad.
  7. kailey_elise
    This "within a school zone" charge is bullshit, though! I don't know if this is an "all across the country" thing or "just a Massachusetts" thing, but it's not JUST being within 1000 feet of a school; day care centers (including "in home" day care providers), public parks (not just playgrounds) - these are ALSO considered "school zones"! It's such a bullshit charge, because at least in my city, there's almost NOWHERE that's *NOT* within 1000 feet of a "school zone"! You could be in a school zone & not even know it, but still get that extra charge. Hell, I used to live near a school; if I did drugs in the privacy of my own home and happened to get caught (for whatever reason), I'd get that additional charge of being within a school zone, even though it would have been OBVIOUS I wasn't out there trying to "get the kiddies addicted", but merely being in my own home. Thank goodness I'm not the type to do drugs, but damn!

    They use this as a bullshit charge that they know will be dropped so they can get someone to cop a plea to a lesser charge. Possession of a Class B substance & possession of a Class B substance within 1000 feet of a school zone really shouldn't be separate charges, and one of the reasons that they ARE is so that one of them can get dropped & they look like they're "helping you out" or "being nice to you". It's sickening. The laws are made up with the idea of getting big dealers & such, but they're usually used against simple users or low-level dealers just trying to support their habit (not that I know that's the case in this instance; I just mean in general).

    Anyway, that will probably be pleaded down. *shrug* Poor kid, gonna have all these charges in his background for being a moronic teenager. *sigh* Seriously, though - what *WAS* he thinking? :)

  8. EscapeDummy
    Well, these two men happened to be hispanic, neither spoke english (a court translator spoke for them), as well as the fact they both had priors. Not that swim hold this against them but he surely sees how the judge would. Either way, swim is sure whatever cop caught them could have spun the story to make it seem as if they were trafficking. Truth be told, with the priors they had swim has no trouble believing they really were trafficking (prior possession charges, marijuana distribution, driving intoxicated, driving w/o licence, they had a lot), but then again swim has no idea what 2.8g meth looks like.

    Swim just found it interesting, the judge asked, "May I know how much methamphetamine was in their possession?" then she was told, 2.8g methamphetamine. She stated $50,000 bail without missing a beat. Swim was wondering how she decided 50,000 without even 10 seconds of thinking about it :confused:
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