Police use Taser on man high on magic mushrooms 10 times before arrest

By chillinwill · Jul 18, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    South Lyon police were forced to use a Taser on a man 10 times Saturday night before he was arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting officers.

    According to South Lyon Lt. Steven Sharpe, police officers encountered the 20-year-old South Lyon man and two friends after they had been dispatched to a loud house party near Ten Mile Road and Easton. The officers questioned the three men, who were walking along the road around 3 a.m., if they had been involved at the party. During the questioning, the 20-year-old began to walk away.

    Sharpe said the man's two companions told officers that he had taken some “magic mushrooms.” Officers told the man to stop several times, but he continued to wander off. Officers pursued the man, and told him he would be arrested. He allegedly began screaming in a residential area and Sharpe said he took a swing at one of the officers.

    After a warning, an officer used his Taser on the suspect, who fell to the ground, but still resisted arrest. The officers used the Taser nine more times before finally securing the man. He was taken into custody.

    “Due to physical problems, he was transported to a local hospital,” Sharpe said. “He told doctors there that he had ingested ecstasy and magic mushrooms.”

    The man remained at the hospital until he was cleared by doctors. He was then jailed until he sobered up and was released. He was ticketed for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. He is awaiting a court date.

    Sharpe said it is the most the department has ever had to use a Taser on an individual. A Taser is an electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles.

    By Kurt Kuban
    July 16, 2009
    Hometown Life

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  1. Alfa
    Using tasers on people that are under the influence of ecstasy or psychedelics results in Rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis is the rapid breakdown (lysis) of skeletal muscle tissue.
  2. Greenport
    Do you have references to back that up? Why would that only happen when under the influence of ecstasy or psychedelics?
  3. Gradient
    This whole event is chuck-full of assholes. First, what kind of 'companions' just blurt out that kind of information? Obviously not the friendly kind. Second, what kind of person on shrooms & MDMA is about to get all aggressive and throw screaming punches? At police, no less!? Third, we all know that hippie-flippers don't need to be tazed - just reasoned with, maybe cuddled up a bit. It's people on PCP that need to be tazed...with around 2,000kV of electricity in 9 shocks total [​IMG].

    This sounds like police playing with their tasers first, and pretending someone was being violent later - knowing they'd get away with it because the victim was too incoherent, chemically/legally unreliable or legally incorrigible, and too socially isolated to do anything about it. Another fine example of police protecting and serving.
  4. Alfa
    This explains where I got the information from:
    BTW: Cops will get tasers in the Netherlands.
  5. Gradient
    Attached is an article discussing the physiological effects of tasers. Here's a relevant statement:

    The biological danger here is really in persistent muscular contraction at a cellular level due to prolonged calcium release and an inability for ATP to re-bind and permit sarcomeres to relax, coupled with strong electrical disruptions of gradients across myocyte membranes.

    The second article attached discusses rhabdomyolysis in the context of recreational drugs. Here are some relevant statements:

    Here is an article discussing rhabdomyolysis observed from 'Foxy' (5-MeO-DIPT) from the archive

    The image attached is a schematic that simplifies this relationship of commonly used drugs and rhabdomyolysis - taken from the second article. This was absolutely a misuse of a less-than-lethal weapon.
  6. Greenport
    Appreciate it guys :) That does make sense, especially if the said person was flipping out.
  7. elzz
    I was pulled over the other day and given a breathealizer. I was 3x the legal limit.. but the cop told me he didnt want to ruin my life and let me take a cab home. really changed my view on cops. they aren't all bad.
  8. bennett211085
    I want to live in your area. :thumbsup:
  9. flube
    swim have been stopped twice in Thailand for drink drving, each time my licence was not asked to be seen, beer taken off me, and a small fine. The keys were given back to me, and i was told to drive home slowly.

    Never been stopped in Camdodia, swims wont drive if he knows he has had to much to drink. Swim would never drive after 1 drink in his home country.
  10. elzz
    I'm actually in canada
  11. ninjaned
    one thing that people tend to forget is that cops are people too. and as with all people, some of 'em are assholes and some of 'em are okay. some of 'em don't want to fuck up your life, some of em will taser you ten times.
  12. elzz
    heeheh yup exactly my point. tazed 10 times, shit!
  13. rhcpeppers1234
    Swim got pulled over last night and blew a .29 The cop gave swim a dui but disregarded the weed he had in his pocket. They arent all bad, but there are some that are.....
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