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Police Warning Over Extra-Strong Heroin In Newcastle

By catseye, Jun 3, 2012 | | |
  1. catseye
    Drug users are being warned about extra-strong heroin on sale in Newcastle.

    Northumbria Police say they have received information about a variety of the drug that turns a pinkish colour when heated that is thought to be especially dangerous.

    Detectives believe the drug maybe circulating in the Newcastle area and are urging anyone who has further information to contact them.

    Chief Inspector Peter Bent said: "This drug is potentially very dangerous and I would urge anyone who is offered any or has information about where it is being used or sold to contact police as soon as possible.

    "We continue to work hard to target and arrest users and suppliers of drugs in the city to reduce the harm caused by such substances, and we work closely with our partners to ensure the appropriate drug support is available.

    "I'd urge anyone who has information about drug use or supply in their community to get in touch with police, anonymously if necessary, so we can take action."

    Police can be contacted on 101 ext 69191, or alternatively information can be passed to independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

    For further advice contact drug support agency Lifeline Harm Reduction Service on 0191 261 4719.

    Ruth Holliday
    03 June, 2012
    Sky Tyne & Wear



  1. baba_yaga
    Trying to drum up some tourism for Newcastle this summer?
  2. al-k-mist
    Laughed at that one, baba_yaga.
    It does seem like this aticle breaches source rules (score killer heroin in newcastle.).nah..., but I bet that article was placed by the drug dealers, because there will be more people driving there from other places in england to score.
    Everyone knows junkies want the dope that killed someone else-cause thats the good shit(people even stamped an ambulance on dope in new orleans, as their label. That ambulance dope was screaming
    AFOAF has not doen heroin in almost 20 years

    And i appologize cats eye, didnt know you liked DK- or is it Jello Biafras quote? I sang DK songs to my dog this morning(check out the video for "where do ya draw the line?")
  3. GoGoDevilBunny
    SWIM's friend had a bad bag in the tristate area. Her legs kept giving out and she couldnt walk and was semi-coherent. The hospital staff had said they have been seeing people presenting these symptoms after doing dope that was going around....just be aware people
  4. catseye
    Just to update, as of today I've seen a few reports of 'pink heroin' coming out of Irish harm reduction services, and there is a suggestion it is cut with dicanol - whatever it is, do be careful everyone.
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