Police weapon to tackle binge drinkers: flip-flops

By Lunar Loops · Nov 28, 2008 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    Police weapon to tackle binge drinkers: flip-flops

    The latest police secret weapon aimed at binge drinkers was unveiled yesterday - the humble flip-flop.

    Police officers and safety officials in Torbay are handing out the plastic sandals to revellers who are spotted staggering home in unstable high heels or bare feet.

    The Devon resort attracts its fair share of heavy drinkers and police have noticed that some women in high heels are inclined to topple over after a long night out or take off their shoes to rest their tired feet and walk home in bare or stockinged feet, dodging the broken glass and rubbish.

    Police and other officials are offering the revellers flip-flops bearing a safety message. The move is intended to help them get home safely and to give officers an opportunity to speak to the partygoers.

    Superintendent Chris Singer said: "It's not simply so that people can get home in comfort. It gives us the opportunity for us to talk to these young people and get over safety messages to them.

    "We're making sure we take every opportunity to engage with people and talk to them about keeping themselves safe."

    The police and the Safer Communities Torbay group already hand out packs to revellers that include a condom, a bottle of water, safety leaflets and cosmetics.

    Singer conceded that the flip-flops would not win any fashion prizes. "Perhaps we'll have to see about widening their appeal," he said.

    But the flip-flop campaign, part of a £30,000 range of measures, has not gone down well with everyone. Matthew Elliott, the chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "This is an idiotic waste of money. People don't pay their taxes for drunk women to get free flip-flops, they want the police to fight crime. The police aren't there to be an emergency supplier of flat shoes."

    However, Danielle Bolton, 19, said: "I think it's a great idea and I would wear them 100%. My heels hurt me at the end of the night so I tend to take them off. It's a hell of a lot easier to walk with flip-flops than high heels."

    Leanne Thomas, 21, added: "I go out clubbing at the harbourside most weekends and I usually walk home barefooted because my heels hurt. I think it's a great idea."

    Meanwhile, the Club 2K nightspot in Penzance, Cornwall, is to breathalyse children attending its under-16s discos on Friday nights because it claims its events are being wrecked by drunk youngsters.

    Steven Morris
    The Guardian, Friday November 28 2008
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  1. Coconut
    Then don't wear heels... or is that just too sensible?
  2. Lunar Loops
    Yes, I don't believe we are talking about the next generation of nobel prize winners here. I don't think common sense enters into the equation.

    Personally, I can think of nowhere worse than any town up and down the UK and Ireland at throwing out time. The utter stupidity in the air, the threat of violence, vomit and sexual disease hangs heavy in the night air transported as it is on a wave of alcholic stupour.
  3. KomodoMK
    I agree, 100%! So very very true, sadly.
  4. cannabis-sam
    Wouldn't breathalising the kids just make them take illegal drugs.

    How can a night out for teenagers be fun without intoxication?
  5. purplehaze
    Sounds like a transparent plot to hit on drunk chicks.
  6. Sven99
    Its all well and good saying its a waste of taxpayer's money, but if a £2 pair of flip flops saves somebody a trip to hospital (say, from a sprained ankle, fall or from stepping on broken glass) then it sounds like a good idea to me.

    If the Police were going to be there anyway, then its not adding much to the wages cost, and if they weren't going to be there, then I'm sure the busy drunken high streets will benefit from a higher police presence, flip flops or not.
  7. bcubed
    More of this "harm reduction" bullcrap!

    If the cops start giving out flip-flops, allowing women to get home safely, why, they're just enabling those women to continue being drunkards! I mean, the fear of scuffing up her stilettos has been shown to act as a deterrant for over 77%* of wayward maidens! A wrenched ankle or two will go a looong way to keeping everyone else sober...out of fear!

    "Women," "footwear," and "practicality" cannot peaceably co-exist. It's, like, a law of physics or something...

    *According to statistics I just made up.
  8. bubbly nubs
    Makes sense but whether I agree or not I'm not sure of myself.
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