Policeman gets killed during no knock raid. Home owner may get death

By Shiacmkmleer · Jun 5, 2008 · ·
  1. Shiacmkmleer
    ok so.
    man breaks into house, goes to police tells them he saw Marijuana to get off of previous charges.
    police get a no knock warrent
    Police don't announce them selves, try and break into home
    home owner shoots person breaking into home
    home owner may get death penality... wait what?
    Seriously wtf? this guy shouldn't see the inside of a jail cell let alone life in prison or death.
    And possession of a joint and they're charging with with intent to manufacture because hes a gardener?

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  1. old hippie 56
    Stroll down on that link and read the comments, quite interesting.
  2. snapper
    SWIM does not think the murder charges will stick. The victim was unable to ID the cops because the door was closed and a violent battering was being perpetrated on his front door. SWIM would happily have let 5 x 12g boarshot slugs fly through the door (just in case the burglars were wearing vests..) were it to happen at SWIM's home and cannot blame the guy one bit. Growers are plagued with burglaries, not to mention normal people.
    Unless of course they yell police while battering....but I guess they didn't do that..
  3. purplehaze
  4. Panthers007
    Nope. No-Knock, which was popular in the 1960's - but retired due to civil-rights' concern's - implies surprise. If you announce "Police!" the element of surprise is gone. You are expected to be in and sitting on the person(s) before they know what hit 'em. If anyone should be up on murder charges, it should be the person who signed the warrant. They'll claim that the door being smashed-in should have told the homeowner that it was the police acting in a lawful manner. After all, if someone smashes your front door in, what good citizen would fail to conclude that the police had arrived?

  5. purplehaze
    What about the tweaker that has been up 15 days on a mega-manufactoring binge and had been expecting the door to be kicked in because the damn ninja that keeps hiding when he looks out the windows has one goal in life, to get in.

    But seriously whoever made the no knock rule is a moron, that shits not safe. No matter how you look at it.
  6. Shiacmkmleer
    Imo this just shows the stupidity of... well the system as a whole. People are scared so they approve hasty measures that are not thought out to protect themselves (in this case no-knock warrants because if you don't them drug dealers will get off... I can't even pretend to understand this logic). These policies lead to... bodies. Then there is the cry for blood, and innocents are sacrificed to pay for the mistakes of others.

    seriously the guy defended his home from intruders, the police's story has change multiple times... and hes going to hang for other's mistakes and fear.
    Reading the comments my favorite was:
    of course the following one is pretty good too
    The thing is though, everyone here needs to at least write an email to:
    [email protected] and voice their opinion of the situation. You can bet they've gotten plenty of email supporting what the police did. Whatever you do please don't say the officer deserved it! In no way was the situation his fault. If you'd rather you can call between 8 and 5 at (757) 382-CITY (2489).
    Guys I know it may seem like it won't make a difference, but we have to stand for civil liberty at every chance. people like those who post on these forums have been silent too long!
  7. purplehaze
    The main point in the email should be the no knock law is a serious danger to everyone.

    The law is to blame, thats justice.
  8. Heretic.Ape.

    Thank you for providing that information. I'd especially like to encourage any locals to the area to do what you can to literally save a life in the drug war.
  9. Alfa
    Is there anyone in that area that could get more information from the attorney / authorities and go to the court case / hearing to write up a press article for drugs-forum?

    This would be greatly appreciated. The article would be published on google news.
  10. MrG
    Exactly how do you "manufacture" marijuana?

    I thought it was a plant that was grown, dried and smoked.

    Did I miss a meeting?
  11. old hippie 56
    In Texas, manufacturing cannabis is done under lights, cultivation is growing outside.
  12. Beanfondler
    Would a pit full of spears covered in carpet/straw on the inside of one's door or some similar booby trappery of one's lodging go over very well? In a court setting at least.
  13. Panthers007
    Punji-Sticks in a pit ala Viet-Cong, shotguns on tripods with line & pulley affixed to door, pan of water plugged into wall outlet (ala Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers), etc. all fall under a law called Reckless Endangerment - or variations thereof.

    Sorry to bust your bubble.
  14. Beanfondler
    So it would seem depending on the length of sentence Swiy is expecting and how well that sits with them. High explosives appear to be the only reasonable trappery to be implemented if at all. Or all out Swibf supposes if their would already be up the river as a result of the raid. So probably more likely if you've got nothing to loose, take it to them. Swibfs not inclined to think he'd do anything of the sort though, too hard for him to connect all law enforcement with the overlords holding the leashes.
  15. Shiacmkmleer
    they responded to my email:
  16. Panthers007
    Make sure the lawyer defending the guy is made aware of this information. They should have copies of EVERYTHING you uncover. "Knock & Announce" eh? That changes everything. Find the lawyer. The court should be able to provide name & number.
  17. Paracelsus
    How come they used a battering ram then? Either it wasn't a "knock and announce" raid and the police department lies, or Frederick may be a murderer (and an idiot as well).

    If it was a knock-and-announce raid, why didn't the prosecuting attourney insist on that, instead of claiming that Frederick peeked out the window and saw the cops:


  18. MrG
    Oh yeah that'll be the *knock* *knock* "open up, it's the police" type of knock and announce raid.

    Usually followed by the sound of the battering ram hitting the door and the entry of multiple armed assailants running into the house shouting adrenaline fuelled incomprehensible commands at the confused occupant.

  19. snapper
    SWIM does not feel that it is a 'nothing to lose situation' to fire at someone trying to break down the front door that does not announce themselves as cops. Hell, even if they do, they could be lying (wasn't there a recent case of off duty cops home invading people to rob them?). There should be nothing illegal about protecting one's self. What the hell is the point of battering down the door anyways ? If the guy has a growroom, he will not have the time to flush it down the toilet before the cops find it. They could have just knocked with a search warrant. Too many home invasion robberies start the same way, with a battered down front door and people yelling commands. SWIM thinks it is prudent to shoot indisciminately in these situations. Anyone willing to invade a home in this manner (except maybe law enforcement) is probably willing and ready to rape, torture and kill as well. Best to get the upper hand quickly...
    SWIM has nothing specific against law enforcement officers and would rather not they get killed, but someone on the LE side has the dead officer's blood on their hands, not Ryan Frederic.
  20. Powder_Reality
    I just have to point out the double standard here: cop breaks down door, gets shot by the homeowner, and the homeowner now faces a possible death sentence for his actions. In almost every case I've heard about cops killing innocent bystanders in drug stings, none of the guilty officers are ever charged. I'm reminded of the case of a 14 year old girl who was shot and killed by the DEA during a raid a few years back; the department denied any wrongdoing and as far as I know, the officers got off scot-free. I'm not saying that the officer deserved what he got, because he didn't, but you can see the obvious hypocrisy here.

    That being said, yes, the no-knock warrant is truly ridiculous idea. Just another law being passed that is going to cause a lot more harm than good.

    So what is the official statement by both parties? As far as I can gather, the prosecuting party is sticking with the argument that Frederick saw the police through his window before they broke down the door, and/or the police announced clearly announced themselves before entering his home. Has the defending party not released any information or statements yet?
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