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Policeman's farts leads to £12k cannabis raid

By Guttz, Jun 18, 2013 | |
  1. Guttz
    A POLICEMAN's farts helped officers seize £12,000 worth of cannabis.

    The bizarre incident occurred as a group of cops waited to arrest a suspect as part of a burglary investigation.

    They were forced to wind down the windows of their cop car, in order to escape a smell they believed to be coming from one of their colleagues.

    But, once the fresh air reached them, they realised the strong stench was actually OUTSIDE the car.

    The officers then followed the pungent aroma to a house, where they found a cannabis-growing operation.

    And their inquiries soon led them to discover more plants at a second house nearby, reports the Leicester Mercury.

    In total, seven suspects were arrested and the value of the crop was later valued at £12,000.

    "We get some bizarre stories from officers and this really caught my eye," said Syreeta Lund, editor of the Police Federation's national monthly magazine, where the unusual tale was first reported.

    By Greg Heffer
    18th June 2013


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