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  1. Aminatrix
    November 6th was a day like any other, or so it seemed. While most of the people were going about their daily lives: shopping, eating, sleeping, the minority were out conspiring. Conspiring to ruin and worsen their lives. The "Highers" had no conscious knowledge that the "Conspirators" were attempting to undermine the very fabric of their lives. The Conspirators had been planning for months and years before this day, and by day's end they will deal the Highers a crushing blow and cast a bleak shadow over their future.

    Let's go back and see through the eyes of the Conspirators.

    January 1, 2012:
    (Names anonymized as do not have permission to quote)
    JK*: "Now onto the issue at hand: how do we oppress the Highers?"
    GW*: "We don't control enough votes to cast our will on them"
    BH*: "Let's convince everyone else that the Highers will murder them unless they relinquish more power to us."
    GW*: "Yes that's a brilliant idea!"
    BH*: "Thank you. Now to proceed with the plan."

    November 6th, 2012:
    Here it is, November 6th. The Highers are mostly unaware, that today is: Election Day. The one's who know it are often too lazy to go, or don't care, or think their vote is meaningless. The reason more and more laws keep coming down, passing with such low support, is because voter turn-out is soooo low that it is easy to swing a vote. Everyone must go out and vote, because the politicians work every day to make more laws and take away our freedoms, the only thing that stops them, is your vote.


  1. LaLaLander
    This is about right, sad but true. Its one thing to have our liberties taken from us, its another to give them up due to complacency. PLEASE People, investigate the canidates on your own, DON"T take the medias, or anyone elses word. After a through investigation I'm sure that you will see that there is no one better for this country then Ron Paul....that is IF you value personal freedom and liberty. May wisdom be with you all.
    P.S. Its sad that after all the views, mine is the first comment.
  2. enquirewithin
    Low voter turn out tends to favour the right wing, as they usually have more money to organize and the more radically minded often dom't vote. But Ron Paul-- nice foreign policy but read up on his domestic policies or lack of them.
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