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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Poppy plantation at Nongmaiching destroyed

    Imphal, January 18 2010: A combined team of personnel of Narcotic and Border Affairs and security forces launched a poppy plantation elimination drive at Nongmaiching hill in Senapati district bordering Imphal East District from today.

    Mention may be made that All Manipur Anti-Drug Association, Imphal East branch had through the media reported the mass scale cultivation of poppy plants, whose fruit is used in the manufacture of Heroin (No.4), recently after its volunteers visited the areas where the plants are being grown.

    Today, the combined team under the supervision of Narcotic and Border Affairs SP Amirlal Sharma conducted the drive at Terakhong and Heikon villages of Nongmaiching and destroyed poppy plants growing in around six sangam.

    Source: Hueiyen News Service
    January 18 2010



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