Poppy powder a cheap 'high'

By Euphoric · Jul 14, 2008 · ·
  1. Euphoric

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  1. fiveleggedrat
    Can we please stop baby-proofing the world and lets the idiots who would kill themselves die already?
  2. Spare Chaynge
    It now comes from Arizona???????????
  3. Zentaurus41
    Um isnt opium a derivative of the poppy ?

    Anyway poppy would be perfectly safe short term, it has its dangers but its not like heroin. Though not technicaly illigaly until you make a tea out of it, kinda like mescaline and cacti. Swimmers should still read up on it if they wish to try it.
  4. fiveleggedrat
    Really, all the prohibition regarding poppy does is increase the overall amount of heroin being consumed and sold, and lack of other options.

    Swim remembers when he could get any drug he wanted. Now it goes like this: "We have crack, smack, and pot, but we're out of pot."'

    Swim would do just about anything for some high grade pot or opiates, excluding heroin.
  5. lostmente
    swim's locals like to boil up poppy seeds for a fairly disgusting brew. Unfort this act made it to national news and now swim's associates get the oddest looks. How does swim explain their need for 5kg of poppy seeds a week now?

    opium comes from the poppy's sap...I'd hazard a guess that poppy powder is powdered poppy seeds
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