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  1. Spoonwoman

    Porcelain Doll
    sitting high on your shelf

    gorgeous by your self
    perfect for everyone to see

    Porcelain doll
    keep safe my dear

    so don't stray from here
    everyone wanting to be

    Porcelain doll
    lifeless white face

    whats in your soul?

    emotionless beauty
    what falls for the toll?

    Drugs tell the stories
    Tracks show the lies

    but everyone watches your fake painted eyes

    Dolly your broken,you bring no more joy
    who wants to play,with a broken old toy

    Moonlight reflects on your pale visage
    for years you were lovely
    now sleeps in a garage

    What happened to you Dolly?
    How'd you fall from so high?
    Were you trying to see him
    Trying to fly?

    Smart beautiful girl
    beloved by the world

    At first no one saw..thru her mask unfurled

    Now with tangled hair
    People pass or stop and stare

    They now see and hold apathy or hate
    for poor broken dolly
    the sight came to late

    Cheer up dolly
    Your new box is right
    Smile now
    as they shut the lid tight

    Author Bio

    Just a squirrel trying to get a nut ;)
    And some dope =)


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