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  1. Waiting For The Fall
    When I first discovered Drugs-Forum, I believed I had found the place to learn about my new-found drug I was using—Methamphetamine. Yes, I already knew about how to get high, how to use a needle and some of the bad feelings you'd get coming down from it. I started reading posts in the meth sub-forum, and I was surprised.

    It seemed many suffered from Spelling Aversion Disorder. And some words were abbreviated, which I knew was what's referred to as txt-spk, impossible for some of our international members to decipher (and even older generation members such as myself). Getting beyond that was another problem: paragraphs that were over 100 lines long. And even if I waded through them, complete sentences were a rarity, and thoughts were abject and disconnected. What was the meaning to all of this?

    It finally dawned on me that these people were Posting While High. Not only could I not make any sense out of some of the posts, but I had to question whether anything they said was accurate. And of the ones I could understand, most were anecdotal—one person's experience or viewpoint. I needed to find somewhere else where there was some context, some believability, some science to it.

    A few weeks later, after discovering Medline/PubMed, NIH and other government-sponsored websites, I had learned quite a bit. I decided to come back to D-F, became a member and began writing some posts with the best truth and science I could offer. I also pledged to myself that I would never write and post while high, and it's never happened.

    Since I went to journalism school and have written and edited for a living, I hoped to make a difference and maybe lead the way to a new and better representation of what a meth forum could be, if the people writing could have a better awareness and example. Maybe it would even attract others to the forum who didn't post while high, had some knowledge to offer and could write in a cohesive and objective style.

    Overall, I think the meth forum has improved and we have added a few good people to our ranks. Maybe some were already on D-F, but seldom dared venture into our dark place in a back alley. It still has a smell of its own, and people do continue posting while way too high to be doing so. There are exceptions to this, however, which have to be considered.

    Some people post while high because they have a real dilemma and are pleading their best for help. The forum is useful in helping these people. Sometimes they can be calmed by the more knowledgeable and sober responders without resorting to the overused “Go to the E-R!” More times than not, that advice is given by someone who does not understand the problem.

    Then there are others who sign on and post almost anything because their minds are high and rambling, just like the resulting words they lay down. Even if they have no respect for themselves, they should have respect for their fellow members and not let us have to wade through their garbage.

    Too often lately, I have seen posts/threads that are terribly wrong. The information is bad. The people are too high to even realize what they are saying, sometimes creating drug-fueled emotions that make each succeeding post more inflamed and absolutely ruin good threads by trampling through them and devaluing them. It is disheartening for someone like me, who researched for a new post, delivered a good, factual report which I was proud of, not only for my own ability and the content provided, but how it might enlighten others.

    It is thoughtless of people to have such little respect for others who have joined the forum with good intentions to inform, educate, set good examples and spend their own free time in an earnest attempt to help others. When we are high we lose our mindfulness—being aware of ourselves and the things around us. The directives we receive from our minds come out scrambled and we proceed on them. We tend not to care how we represent ourselves to others.

    Simply because this is a forum about drugs, it should not give people carte-blanche to sign on in a drug-addled state, leaving good manners and sober thinking behind. To many, this forum represents a lifeline, a chance to become educated about their drugs, to seriously contemplate addiction issues, and improve their lives. The ones who work the hardest on the forum, with the best intentions, are those who are here to help those truly in need.

    What I did notice when I was high on meth is that my perceptions changed. What I thought and said could not be relied upon. What if I wrote something that turned out to be harmful, and actually was the cause of someone hurting themselves? My lack of care and aforethought, my lack of judgment, would be unfair to them as well as myself.

    To do so would go against everything I learned in school about writing, as well as my own set of ethics about how I conduct myself in life and treat others. I am a couple of generations removed from many of our members and perhaps had a stricter upbringing than many. I still find it shocking and inexcusable that in this time frame, our civility and knowing how to act in public has been denigrated to such a low point.

    Social media has helped change this downward spiral, allowing for the acceptance of lowered standards of expressing one's self and the easy accessibility to infect other minds. Drug-induced musings read by drug-infused minds can make much of anything too believable, and at times, dangerous.

    I will offer an exception. It is true that some people who have used drugs extensively throughout their lives have developed a different equilibrium and can still make cogent remarks on the forum. I know some who do. It is a talent I don't have and never will.

    Looking back a few years, before the internet, we had a thing called hot lines. Maybe a few even exist today. The premise was that a person with problems could call someone who was educated about the situation, whether suicide, drugs or medical and health problems. It stood to reason that the callers had a decent chance of being helped, and even referred to another resource for continued help. It was a valuable resource with a very human touch. The hot line operators screened and monitored the counselors for verity.

    My remarks here will not make any difference. We have nothing in our rules (which are probably not heeded by the offenders anyway), that says they shouldn't post while high if their posts won't make any sense. Our reputation system, used by both qualified and unqualified people, cannot guarantee any reasonable enforcement with an after-the-fact slap on the virtual wrist. We are not here to teach people social qualities that were never instilled in them, nor to give them the tools to help develop self-respect and a sense of purpose on this planet Earth.

    There is a current fund-raiser on Drugs-Forum to buy new software and servers to bring us to a higher level of harm reduction information. Will we become the world leader in a progressive movement to give people inalienable rights to pursue their drugs of choice in an unfettered environment? Or will we remain an unfiltered view of how people consume their drugs, showing positive and negative aspects—how to tame the beast, and how to let the beast overcome? As it stands now, we make a poor showing that people can handle what we want our world society to condone.

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    Waiting For The Fall
    Was introduced to using meth later in life--maybe one for the record books! Drugs-Forum became a passion for me, writing about how meth affects people, helping people with questions about it or their use, with Harm Reduction always in mind.

    I no longer use meth, and as time has passed, have found other things to replace it--and the time I used to spend here. I try to check in on a daily basis to keep messages current.

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  1. Kody
    "Thank you"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 17, 2017

    Just wanted to thank you for stepping in and making a difference. You have written many accurate, informational and well put together posts on Drug Forums.
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  1. TFrankle
    Hi WFTF, thanks for yet another considered and well-written piece. You are and I hope will continue to be an inspirational voice within the meth forum. I know how much influence your threads and posts had on me in the time before I joined, simply from a user perspective with meth, and now that I am here as a member I am influenced by your leadership within this forum and your efforts to improve the quality of discourse. I also see how much influence you have had on a large number of other users.

    Quite aside from the name-checking and references to your threads/posts that goes on, you may or may not have noticed the increasing number of newbies who will make sure to outline the simple harm minimisation steps they are taking (such as vitamins, hydration etc.) before they ask their questions - I might be wrong but I attribute this to the prominent sticky threads of yours that are on the forum and that they will have read before they joined.

    So thank you, once again.

    In terms of what you've written above, I am strongly of the opinion that the meth forum - and thus, in time, the mindset of many widely disparate users, but I'll come back to that - can and should be improved further from an overall quality perspective.

    What is 'overall quality'? I use this term to mean, specifically:
    • A high level of collective knowledge about harm reduction best practise
    • An understood and followed standard of writing so that this collective knowledge can be shared and articulated clearly
    • An increase in the number of - for want of a better term - 'esoteric' discussions: threads that offer meth users the chance to discuss and reflect on the broader implications of use (morality for example)
    • A reduction in the number of repetitive questions
    • A decrease in the number of 'spun' postings
    • An increase in consistent, visible leadership from the lower membership levels - silver and titanium - a factor which is a key ingredient for successfully changing a culture

    Now I know this is probably idealistic and definitely framed through the lens of what I personally view as important, but it at least gives a framework for what I am hoping to achieve in there.

    I am frustrated that this drug has such a terrible reputation, because I know that with greater education and application of harm reduction basics and strategies for developing greater emotional awareness, the number dreadful things that can and do happen on meth will decrease. I am frustrated because when harnessed by some experience and used with a certain mindset - even heavily or habitually for a time - it can be a powerful tool for creativity, focus and motivation.

    I'm frustrated because society has been conditioned to be deeply prejudiced against meth, and this creates a stigma that prevents many users from reaching out before it is too late. And I am frustrated because I see in some instances that prejudice reflected here in DF; the sad fact of which being that we meth users are ourselves fuelling this prejudice by so readily conforming to stereotype.

    I'm not sure what the solution to all of this frustration is, but I believe that a stronger forum here on DF could play a leading role in improving outcomes and behaviour in meth users on a global scale. It is already hugely influential. With care is could be even more so and with improvements on health outcomes and behavioural extremes, societal attitudes towards meth may be shifted enough that there can at least start to be measured debate, rather than shrill politicising, on implications of its use.

    To my reading, you seem to be lamenting an overall lack of emotional intelligence within meth users on this forum - poor self-reflection and analysis skills, a diminished ability to think objectively, confusion between what is 'truth' and what is simply a perspective, lowered empathy and a subsequent lack of basic respect - but while you have expressed doubt, this is something I feel can be remedied, to greater and lesser degrees. I have seen it achieved in large organisations and I believe that some of the same principles and strategies for achieving change can be applied in here.

    Ok. So it is something I am passionate about. I know from reading your pieces that you are passionate about best practice - gold standard really - in harm reduction and achieving the greatest quality of high. I know there are others within the meth forum - leaving aside for now the more cross-functional DF members who are already doing such an admirable job - who have uniques insights and powerful experience. What I don't know is what can actually be done, from a practical perspective.

    But I will continue to think on it. Everything must of course happen under the auspices of the staff, and it could be that I am overstating the need (or the outcome). And I wonder what might be possible when motivated individuals set to work.

    Alright, that's enough, I must make my wife her cup of coffee or this day is lost already.

    Thanks again WFTF for everything you've done, and please don't think you are alone in wanting more.
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  2. Scloud90
    Because of the nature of the drug methamphetamine, and the effects it has on the brain from chronic use, a lot of these posters aren't necessarily posting while high. They are posting while being affected by the drug.

    Now what exactly do I mean? Well, for starters one could be affected by the drug during a comedown, or period of some sort of "withdrawal" where they might have scattered thoughts and any sort of abnormal activity in certain regions of the brain.

    I know I have posted before and looked back and thought, was I high when I wrote that? Turns out I wasn't high, but I did recently come off a binge.
  3. Beenthere2Hippie
    Although I rarely travel on and about the meth forums, I fully appreciate the accuracy and insight this "Posting While High" blog offers. Quite obviously, posting while high does not apply to the methamphetamine forum only, which, for me, makes this blog-offering of value to all who visit the forums and post while high on any number of substances.

    I applaud your effort and your obvious concern for other visitors or members, and for recognizing it the proper time we approach such site problems with a clear perspective.

    Nicely done.
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