Pot Announcement Out Window Draws Bust

By KBLSD · Sep 10, 2007 · Updated Sep 10, 2007 · ·
  1. KBLSD
    [FONT=Verdana,Sans-serif] BOSTON (AP) - A pair of former Northeastern University freshmen are facing charges after prosecutors said one leaned out his dorm window Sunday and loudly told a woman in the dorm opposite his that he and his roommate were selling pot.

    Oops. Two police officers happened to be nearby.
    "If you're looking for weed, my roommate Ferrante has some for sale," Michael Emery said out the window, according to the Suffolk district attorney's office.

    Two plainclothes Boston officers in the building overheard the conversation and went to a second-floor room where they arrested Emery, 18, and Matthew Ferrante, 18, after finding about four ounces of marijuana; drug paraphernalia, including a scale; and several bottles of alcohol, prosecutors said.

    The students were arraigned Tuesday on charges including possession of a class D substance with intent to distribute in a school zone, a count that carries a maximum of two years in jail.

    They pleaded not guilty, were released on personal recognizance and are due back in court next month. Attorneys for the men did not immediately return calls for comment.

    They are no longer students at Northeastern, university spokeswoman Laura Shea said.


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  1. enquirewithin
    How stupid can you get?:(
  2. anarchyat
    Reminds me of when my friend yelled out to someone if they wanted to smoke and they turned out to be a cop. Pretty dumb...
  3. D.U.M.B
    they shouldn't have shouted out like that. they deserved to get caught
  4. Pondlife
    He still has a way to go before he can beat Manchester's finest in the stupid crime awards:


  5. Joe Duffy
    It’s hard to believe an 18 year old could be that stupid.
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