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    A well-known medicinal marijuana crusader has defied the law yet again and
    opened a cannabis distribution centre in Regina.

    Grant Krieger, a former longtime Saskatchewan resident with a history of
    arrests and convictions over his marijuana use, opened a branch of the
    Krieger Foundation -- which supplies marijuana to people with proven
    medical conditions -- in August.

    The Supreme Court of Canada ruled on Dec. 23, 2003 that Krieger, who
    suffers from progressive multiple sclerosis (MS), is legally entitled to
    produce and consume marijuana for himself, but cannot distribute it to others.

    Krieger, who was arrested in Winnipeg Wednesday night for possession and is
    now out on bail, said if he doesn't provide the marijuana, his clients will
    be forced to get it on the streets.

    "We don't go to bars, we don't hang around school yards. We go visit people
    sitting in wheelchairs and beds," said Krieger, who has seven other
    branches across Western Canada.

    Under Health Canada's Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, a person is
    only entitled to legally possess marijuana with an authorized licence.

    To qualify, a person must be suffering from a terminal illness or suffering
    from specific symptoms associated with certain serious medical conditions.
    A physician's signature, declaring that other treatments have been
    unsuccessful, is also necessary.

    Once licensed, a person can obtain the marijuana by growing their own
    supply, designating someone else to grow it for them or receive it directly
    from Health Canada's official supplier in Flin Flon, Man.

    The location of the centre is hidden, but application forms are available
    at various sites around the city, including the Mental Health Society and
    MS Society.


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