1. Alfa

    Police have charged medicinal marijuana advocate Grant Krieger with two
    counts of trafficking after intercepting pot destined for Manitoba.

    Police laid the charges after two packages containing marijuana were sent
    via courier from Calgary to the Grant Krieger Foundation in Selkirk,
    northeast of Winnipeg.

    The packages were allegedly sent in December 2003 and January 2004, and
    Krieger estimated one of them contained about $3,000 worth of marijuana.

    Krieger, 49, has multiple sclerosis and uses cannabis butter to manage his

    Krieger said people like him who provide a safe, reliable supply are still
    subject to prosecution. He is to appear in court July 21.


  1. searcher
    You would really think that if a substance that keeps sickpeople from being in pain was found, it would be made legal.
  2. airmax95
    There's a whole history on why certain substances are illegal. It's a whole crock of sh*t. The logic behind the prohibition of certain drugs is all out of wack. The US goverment is blowing billions on a futile war when they sound be actually spending that money on treatment, research, and education.

    Everytime I see one of those scare tactics commercial I crack up because it's so absurb. People who don't use drugs can't even grasp what goes through a persons mind when they use drugs. It's curiosity. I know when they run those commercials, kids are just gonna want to do it more because it's made out to be taboo.
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