Pot Delivery Shut in NYC

By Nagognog2 · Dec 8, 2005 · ·
  1. Nagognog2
    NEW YORK --A sophisticated drug ring delivered high-grade marijuana to the doorsteps of thousands of regular customers -- including celebrities -- during the last six years in Manhattan and on Long Island, authorities said Wednesday.

    Since Nov. 17, federal and local agents have arrested 12 suspects on money laundering and drug conspiracy charges, including John Nebel, the alleged head of the organization known as the Cartoon Network. A call to Nebel's attorney was not immediately returned.

    Authorities said they suspect customers included the rich and famous but refused to give any names. Electronic surveillance intercepted one conversation in October in which a courier boasted to a possible recruit about the ring's clientele, court papers said.

    "We know comedians. We know celebrities," he said. "So you might meet a rapper, a singer. We go to a lot of people."

    Authorities estimate that between 1999 and this month, the ring made a fortune by distributing more than a ton of hydroponic marijuana grown in Canada. An indictment seeks forfeiture of $22 million in cash, homes, cars, motorcycles and a boat.

    Customers placed orders by calling a pager number. A roving call center, sometimes located in a hotel room, would then contact the customer, confirm his or her identity on a computerized database and take orders averaging between $100 and $500.

    The call center averaged 600 calls a day from 50,000 phone numbers, court papers said. The marijuana was packaged in plastic containers -- sometimes referred to as "jars of sauce" -- and delivered to the customers' doors by a team of couriers.

    Investigators said they have seized $837,000 worth of drugs and $685,000 in cash. During a raid on one stash house, agents found "more than 30 pounds of marijuana, in open and plain view, and already packaged for retail holiday delivery to Cartoon Network customers," court papers said.

    The packages featured the network's cartoon character logo and a warm greeting: "Happy Holidays From Your Friends at Cartoon!"

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  1. searcher
    Someone will pick up where they left off. The cartoon network...haha..thats funny
  2. Nature Boy
    For sure. That's the way the "war" on drugs works. Where one falls, another two emerge.

    By the way, why aren't you using your old alias searcher?
  3. GDxCAT
    i would just like to add the the cartoon network is up and running.
    i havent even heard of this bust. They still deliver the best weed in the city.

    I wonder how this bust went down. They are a very secretive program. It is vry hard to get in and actually have bud delivered to, but if you're lucky enough than their pot is never dissapointing.
  4. elbow
    Yeah, but people have told me it's extremely high-priced. Those delivery services are highway robbery if you ask me.
    That's NY, though, people will pay anything for nice packaging and convenience.

    I remember when I was a young whippersnapper people used to buy huge dime bags of schwag from bodegas all over the place. You could always tell which delis had the shit because there'd be lots of random dudes hanging out in there and outside of it, and the food would always be old and random.

    Still sucks that they got busted, of course. And I'd rather have good grass than schwag anyday.
  5. GDxCAT
    The pot from cartoon network was always of extremely good quality.
    Well grown, cured, trimmed etc. It always came labeled with its strain.
    It was just meant to be a classy set up for rich ppl. Like going out to fancy restaurant instead of buying the filet mignon and cooking it yourself.
    I have gotten through a friend who gets it from a doctor. So basically you have to be connected and rich to get in.

    Oh, i have read of this bust in the NY Post since i made my last post here. So perhaps it isnt running anymore, i will know for sure in a few days.
    But if it is down i know there are tohers who provide the same service.
  6. elbow
    Delivery services are for people who can afford them, definitely, and those people will always get quality. I don't smoke much anymore, so haven't used any delivery services in a few years, but I always felt that what I was paying for was security, in a sense. Not having to go trolling the streets for weed, not having to carry it around, or deal with sketchy people who may have other, more dangerous shit going on behind the scenes, etcetera.

    The NY situation is another example of how the war on drugs negatively effects poor people so much more than it does the wealthy. Money can often insulate one from its most serious consequences, which is probably a huge reason why more influential people don't demand prohibition reform.

    On another note, I also read the DEA seized the cartoon network's "records" about their customer base, whatever that means. Apparently they had about 50,000 customers. Maybe the dea is just bullshitting about that, though, to freak people out? I hope nothing happens on that front.
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