Pot flavored candy banned in Georgia

By Riconoen {UGC} · Mar 23, 2007 · ·
  1. Riconoen {UGC}
    This week the Georgia House of Representatives approved a bill that would prohibit the sale of marijuana-flavored candy to minors. The bill says products such as Pot Suckers and Kronic Kandy, which are not psychoactice but have a pot-like palate because they're flavored with hemp essential oil, create the "false impression that marijuana is fun and safe."

    First of all, yuck. Getting marijuana flavor without the high is worse than drinking alcohol-free beer. Although some people swear the taste of cannabis enhances savory dishes such as chili, the idea of deliberately adding it to sweets sounds revolting. When you make cookies or brownies with cannabis (I hear), you try to minimize the marijuana flavor as much as possible. If you fail to do so, the result is not a delicious treat that happens to get you high but something you would never eat if it weren't psychoactive.

    I have to assume, then, that the main attraction of pot-flavored, nonpsychoactive candy is that it's perceived as cool, which is precisely what the Georgia legislators are worried about. They are not claiming the candy itself is dangerous; rather, it's the message sent by the candy to which they object. The "false impression" they decry happens to be true: Marijuana is fun and safe (with safe understood to mean not 100 percent risk-free but acceptably hazardous given the payoff). In any case, as with the DEA's vain, deranged crusade against hemp foods (which are not only nonpsychoactive but generally don't taste like pot either), the target of this legislation is, in essence, ideas that offend goverment officials.

    Tom Murphy of Vote Hemp, which successfully fought the DEA ban, had this to say about the Georgia bill: "This makes you wonder if they would consider banning a coca-flavored soft drink that's marketed to children..."

    Source Drug War Chronicle.

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  1. Trebor
    Tom Murphy makes an excellent point. Or the way that kids can be given candy cigarettes? Hmm... will they stop selling thpose?
  2. Nagognog2
    Sugar is a white, crystalline powder - like many drugs. Ban sugar.
  3. The Doors
    When SWIM was a kid he used to buy these Popeye candy cigarettes... it even had the tip of the candy stick red! SWIM and his youthful friends pretended they were smoking... these tobacco companies sure have a lot of power and marketing ideas...
  4. Riconoen {UGC}
    What chaps my ass is that you can buy any number of alcoholic beverage flavored candies at any age and no moral hysteria surrounds them. I hate this country.
  5. svenghali
    I've eaten some kind of those candies, they were around at some party and honestly they didn't even taste they way that SWIM described that weed tasted like. Awful stuff
  6. Nagognog2
    How about Flintstone Vitamins? Aren't they telling kids that pills are yummy, yummy, num-nums? Let's demand Flintstone Vitamins be taken off the market - or we can market fruit-chew flavored XTC candies.
  7. svenghali
    Those aren't illegal already? What is this country coming to?!
  8. D.U.M.B
    Why oh why are products that have anything to do with the green herb are they discriminated against in comparison to similair products endorsing other more harmful products
  9. svenghali
    There's an energy drink called Cocaine. Get on that, DEA! What if people think it's actual cocaine, or maybe the energy drink will encourage the drug's usage? SOO ILLEGAL
  10. AntiAimer
    All Smurf knows is, kronic candy is the best candy EVER!, specially when it's the real thing. The price of them are way to high though, like a $1 a pop.

    Also if someone actually thinks they promote the use of Marijuana...LMAO! There just candy, come on meow they dont get anyone high other then the normal legal candy high\sugar rush every person can get. If anything they de-promote it's use. Smurf knows many people who eat them just to get alittle sense of hemp flavor when they can't indulge in the real thing to get high, plus there just so YUMMY!!! MmMmmm.

    To bad only headshops carry them, maybe someday they will be free and sold like hershey's or starburst.
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