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Pot Growers Are New Target in "War on Terror"

  1. lulz


  1. Heretic.Ape.
    lets see here... openly talking about bringing this system down, check; connections to drugs, check; a copy of the qur'an, check; definitely a heretic... labmonkey's an easy "terrorist". may need to get out of the states before being hauled quietly off to some secret prison for a nice extended stay. Me thinks it will be getting increasingly dangerous to be an ideological opponent of the state.
  2. old hippie 56
    Hope your monkey ain't on the "no-fly list"!!
  3. Woodman
    There's that Slippery Slope I was telling you about.

    Now, a high school sophomore growing weed on the side of a hill is a fucking terrorist?

    This kind of ridiculous policy is an insult, even to a half-way intelligent mind.
  4. Coconut
    We're all terrorists now.
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