Pot Plants ransom note leads to arrest!

By old hippie 56 · Jan 6, 2010 · Updated Jan 9, 2010 · ·
  1. old hippie 56
    Man calls detectives after pot plants seized
    Investigators nab suspected grower by holding contraband hostage

    MARATHON, Florida - Investigators in the Florida Keys said they lured a suspected marijuana grower into turning himself in by leaving a ransom note in place of six seized pot plants.

    The sheriff's office in Monroe County said detectives discovered the plants in a wooded lot and confiscated them.

    They left a phone number on a note that read: "Thanks for the grow! You want them back? Call for the price."

    Steven Alan Locasio called the number about 10 minutes later. Locasio offered $200 for the plants, and detectives agreed to meet him for an exchange.

    Locasio was arrested and booked into jail on drug charges. He was expected to appear in court Tuesday. It's unclear if he already has an attorney.

    A telephone message left for Locasio was not immediately returned.

    Tues., Jan. 5, 2010
    Associated Press


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  1. VirtuallyEmotionless
    People never cease to amaze me. :laugh: This is absolutely hilarious.
  2. ninjaned
    That's really fucked up if you think about it. They stole his property, then lied about it, then arrested him. I don't see why that is legal. What if that was his primary source of income? What if he was growing for a larger supplier and now he or his family is in danger because he lost the crop? Why does the government see fit to steal from its own citizens?
  3. yonez
    that is completely entrapment. stupid for the pot grower tho. he'd rather give away his anonymity for 200$ . its priceless, cause once someone knows everyone knows.
  4. Samadhi
    That is absolutely fucked, but if the plants were in a public park or 'wooded lot' whatever the hell that means, then it is totally legal to do what they did technically if he was stupid enough to do that.

    If they were inside his home and they did that it would be entrapment.

    I hope this guy gets off with some kind of slap on the wrist, he is stupid, but that is a really shady piggy move of those oinking policia. If the dude had a fikus growing in a garden plot, it'd be fine, but no, make those plants smell super funky and grow psychoactive buds and you can sleep behind bars for a few years. Typical monotheistic dominator ideals, if it makes one slip out of the system and think different, may as well be raping a child...
    :thumbsdown: boo to the 5-oh
  5. Sven99
    While I don't think the cops should be busting anybody for weed, it seems like a valid tactic.

    For example, i doubt anyone would be complaining if it was a stash of kiddie porn.

    Lets not complain about the police for doing their jobs. Lets complain about the lawmakers for giving the police stupid jobs to do
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