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Pot smokers busted after posting self-incriminating videos On YouTube

  1. chillinwill
    A 44 year old Gretna, Nebraska, man has been arrested for smoking marijuana with his son.

    Sarpy County Lt. Steve Grabowski tells 1110 KFAB they found more than 90 videos on YouTube showing David Johnson and his 17 and 19 year old sons smoking pot. Investigators also seized 50 bongs and pipes from Johnson's house during the January 12th search.

    Johnson has been charged with misdemeanor child abuse and possesion of drug paraphernalia and marijuana. Johnson's oldest son Tavis was cited for marijuana possesion, and the 17 year old is now in foster care.

    The Internet has become a tool for law enforcement officials in recent years and Grabowski says anyone who engages in illegal online activity can end up in jail.

    January 27, 2010


  1. EscapeDummy
    Re: Pot Smokers Busted On YouTube

    This is kinda fucked up to arrest someone over youtube, but all I can say I guess is that he shouldn't have shown the 17 year old smoking pot; I think it would have been a different game then.
  2. SullyGuy
    Re: Pot Smokers Busted On YouTube

    More like he shouldn't have put his dumb ass on youtube in the first place. I'm not sure what drives a man to put over 90 videos of himself and his kids(?!) doing something illegal on a public video site run by a company based in the united states. But I think it's safe to assume he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

    Good lord.
  3. pinksox
    Re: Pot Smokers Busted On YouTube

    ^SWIM concurs. Posting multiple videos of illicit activities online is beyond mere simple stupidity. That right there takes a special brand of dumbass.
  4. LiquidHandcuffs
    ^Congrats to Pink Sox on being the first to identify this guy as a whole new species/breed of dumb ass. :applause:

    That man is certainly in a category of his own.

    Even so, I really wish the government would prosecute real criminals for real crimes, and leave people who aren't committing extremely serious offenses alone.

    In this case, they clearly decided to prosecute the man for the most undeniable/obvious offense being committed: stupidity.

    Therefore, I cannot place all of blame on good ol' Uncle Sam.
  5. SullyGuy
    I agree completely. In this case he was asking for it. :laugh: Stoners like this need a little paranoia in their lives (or myabe just some common sense), otherwise they do stuff like this.

    Winner of this year's "Legal Darwin Award" if you ask me...
  6. pinksox
    Yeah, doing shit like that is pretty much paramount to taunting the "good ole local boys." Prolly not a HUGE risk--although far from smart--in a major Metro area. HOWEVER, when one lives in Gretna, Nebraska, with their population of less than 2,500...well, then, that's pretty much just begging for the cops to come knocking on one's door. After all, Barney prolly isn't all that busy and something like that is class-A front page news in the local gossip rag.
  7. Alfa
    Videos of people with drugs are as self incriminating as you can get. This reminds me off the myspace photos of a few pot plants that lead to the bust of a guy some years ago. That was what actually started our policy against self incrimination.

    If the police catches on to the salvia videos on youtube, then that will likely make my day, because its the youtube idiots that mad salvia divinorum illegal and will continue to add pressure in countries where salvia divinorum is still legal. So if that bites them in the ass, I would not feel sorry for them.
  8. pinksox
    Yeah, our local cops, LOVE Myspace and Facebook. They use both to actively monitor the comings and goings of the 15-25 crowd...and have for years. Yet the idiots STILL post up where and when so-and-so's party is, where they're meeting, and when.

    As well as minors flat out saying I love drinking and getting stoned. Or announcing that, at 15, they're dating Joe Cool who's 26 and buys them booze and pot. People can be really, really thick sometimes.

    Bottom line, never put anything incriminating out there. If people were smart, they'd take advantage of the fact they're being watched and put out dis-information. Counter-intelligence is always wise...people should practice it more.
  9. SullyGuy
    Or the legendary "Facebook dealers"

    One must wonder why they never stick around for too long... :laugh:
  10. MiMoMo
    As in the case of the door-to-door pot salesman, SWIM can't help but consider this also an act of pioneering spirit. Though the compulsion to self exhibit his smoking persona may seem extreme, perhaps his motivation was honorable? Having not personally seen any of the 90 videos, its difficult to determine what his overall objective was in proliferating such extensive smokey documentation. The man sacrificed his freedom and the integrity of his family for some sort of internal 'cause'. Might it be that he wanted to share the ease and show the flow, offering his pot penchant up to the world for acceptance? It is individuals taking chance of stepping outside society's mandated norms that makes for painful progress.

    This man gave up alot for something he believed. And although he doesn't outwardly appear to be engaged in either rocket science or brain surgery occupations, isn't it beneath the dignity of an esteemed drugs forum to call him names and label him intellectually deficient? Though SWIM's been permitted the authority to rate posts, SWIM does not feel comfortable 'rating' an individual who essentially martyred himself in doing something that SWIM himself believes in.
  11. pinksox
    ^Perhaps, yes. And, had he been doing it ALONE SWIM may agree(although it's still pretty dumb in a small town where the cops have nothing better to do). However, regardless of personal beliefs, SWIM believes that children have the right to grow-up in a healthy drug free environment. There may, in fact, be a time and place, for such things to occur...but when kids are still minors, they need PARENTS to guide them...and not adult buddies who happen to be genetic sires to share dope with.

    Last year, SWIM treated an 11-year-old female overdose patient who's own father had shot her up. Great, huh?

    Having personal views on drug use and what should and shouldn't be is fine; however, when one has kids involved, there needs to be a modicum of responsibility on the part of the adult/s. Involving them in, what is currently, illegal activity is irresponsible and certainly not in their best interest. In SWIM's opinion, people behaving in such egregious manners also do the marijuana legalization cause no favors...but rather only highlight poor decision-making and reckless behavior by making the choice by publicize such videos.
  12. EyesOfTheWorld
    SWIM, his ex and a few of their friends made a funny video under the influence of a LOT of fishscale cocaine, it basically made fun of rap videos, the girls danced all slutty while the guys threw around piles of $1 bills, flashed wads of fake $100s, and everyone, guys and girls guzzled cheap champagne. It was going to go on youtube when somebody noticed that several of the shots caught a giant pile of cocaine in the background, and at one point, SWIM ducking down for a sniff.None of it could be edited out so we had to destroy the tape:(
  13. Senor Gribson
    Congratulations DEA. By martyring their father, you very well might have created the next two spokespeople of the legalization movement.
  14. Syphr
    Wow so the DEA felt it necessary to completely destroy that family by "busting" them because they put videos of them smoking weed on youtube.....they are so fucked up for doing that to the family. I am sure the sons did not mind a thing and they are almost (legally) adults. People should be allowed to do whatever they want in the comfort of their own home. I am sure if the DEA started going into random houses they would find something they could lock someone up for. Everybody has something to hide, even them.

    But it is sort of his fault for doing something as stupid as posting 90 videos of him and his sons smoking weed on, of all site, youtube. He could of at least hid their/his face from the camera. Why doesn't the DEA go after the people who post up their damn grow journals on youtube? I would thinking growing it would be a lot better bust than for someone smoking it.
  15. VirtuallyEmotionless
    That is flat out sickening. SWIM hates hearing about stuff like that. He's curious of the outcome but is assuming SWIY can't talk about it because of doctor \ patient confidentiality?
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