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  1. Basoodler

    America may be lagging behind other developed nations in the essential sector of innovative vending machines -- but perhaps not for long.

    We may have movie dispensers, but the Japanese have long had street machines that distribute everything from the standard candy, cigarettes and drinks to magazines, clothing, produce, alcohol and fresh-cut flowers.

    But have no fear. The U.S. is breaking ground in one area of dispensing devices: the cannabis machine.

    The November elections legalized recreational marijuana use in Washington and Colorado. And now a California company has plans to adapt the vending machines it makes for medical marijuana groups so they can eventually be used by the general public.

    Medbox (MDBX +7.69%) marijuana dispensers are kept behind the counter at medical marijuana facilities -- where they can track sales, prevent theft and ensure those facilities comply with local laws. The current version of the machines, according to Medical Daily, "rely on a fingerprint scan that verifies the identity of the patient, which is linked with a prescription kept on file. The company also helps operators become licensed in states that have licensing laws."

    Medbox, meanwhile, is preparing its vending machines for the launch of those newborn recreational pot industries in Washington and Colorado.

    Washington’s State Liquor Control Board has a December 2013 deadline to set up a licensing system for the manufacture and sale of recreational marijuana -- before cannabis can be legally sold to adults.

    Adults in Colorado, meanwhile, will be able to purchase recreational marijuana at licensed establishments starting in 2014. The state has assembled a task force, to come up with municipal, legal and business regulations for recreational marijuana stores.

    "One day we envision these machines to be accessed, when it's allowed, 24 hours a day," Vincent Mehdizadeh, the founder of Medbox, told NBC News. "One day in the future that may happen, but for now these machines sit behind the counter as an inventory control and compliance tool."

    Washington law will require any recreational marijuana to be sold inside a licensed retail story. A spokesperson for the state’s Liquor Control Board tells Newser that means any cannabis vending machines used by the public could be used inside one of those future stores, but not “on the street corner.”

    In the meantime, taking into account that marijuana is still illegal under federal U.S. law, Mebox’s website notes the company "does not engage in the production, sale, or marketing of any products dispensed through our machines."




  1. Alfa
  2. derpahderp
    If I can get an I-pod, tie, and weed from a vending machine there would be peace on ea.. .. .Okay, there would be peace within a lot of us.

    Very interesting article Bas. Please do f/u if you come across more. -also, good note on Medbox a while back*
  3. Frmrjunkie
    Remember hearing about these when I lived in California...not entirely sure what year, (thank you drugs, age & short term memory issues HA) but had to of been 2009 or 2010.

    All the years I lived there I never got my medical card as I didn't want to be put on the government database.

    Why not weed from a vending machine? Vending machines, currently, dispense all a variety of different items. This is a stellar idea! Ran out of your favorite marijuana when the dispensary's closed? Verify you're the patient, insert credit card into card reader & voila you're blazing away in no time!
  4. derpahderp
    ^ precisely. I'd have loved this option a long time ago- and it's good to know that it will be inside the distributor location -for privacy and safety reasons.
  5. Basoodler
    I am not sure its even remotely needed . it seems more like a media outlet jumped a story that people would read and react in some way.

    You can't have tobacco vending machines in most if not all states. Its like the story about the bar owner who said people could smoke inside his bar.. Because marijuana was not specifically banned on the smoking ban. The owner of the bar had to know he was full of shit when he was telling the reporter..

    Sure people will smoke in bars.. But nobody is going to bat in court for it. People get high in bars now and its illegal.

    As for vending machines .. What's the point? If you have an ounce at the beginning of the day you will be fine that night. Even if you run out anybody and everybody is more than willing to share dope.. Many a broke man has stayed high for weeks without spending a dime :p
  6. derpahderp
    Hm. Didn't read the 24hr part.. Backpedals.

    -Okay, we cannot have liquor sales in most states past a certain time.

    Vend machine inside the dispensary is my whole point. A one stop shop and go- cities like LA, Denver may find more use- and unlikely for less population dense areas.
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