Pour yourself a cigarette: The Liquid Smoking Drink

By chillinwill · Oct 27, 2008 · Updated Oct 28, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Pour yourself a cigarette: The new 'Liquid Smoking' drink that promises an instant high for smokers trying to beat the ban

    It's the sort of news that will make a smoker's eyes light up.

    A company has created a fruit-flavoured herbal drink that claims to deliver the same fix as cigarettes.

    Called Liquid Smoking, it promises an instant high followed by a 'euphoric calming feeling'.

    It is targeted at those who can no longer light up inside public premises under the smoking ban but want to feed their cravings.

    Anti-smoking groups fear it could promote addiction at a time when the Government is trying to discourage smoking.

    The Dutch supplier, United Drinks and Beauty Corporation, hopes the drink will go on sale here in the week before Christmas.

    It says it does not contain the highly addictive drug nicotine, but a potent mix of roots from South African plants, which has been used since the 14th century by bushmen.

    The bushmen would chew the concoction of leaves to achieve a high, but the producers of Liquid Smoking distilled the mix into an oil for their drink.

    United Drinks and Beauty Corporation hopes to follow Red Bull and have the product sold in pubs and bars as a mixer with spirits such as vodka.

    It has less than 21 calories per 275ml can and would cost £1.50 in shops and £2 in bars and pubs.

    There will be no lower age limit to buy it, although the makers said they did not think it should be drunk by anyone under 15.

    Chief executive of United Drinks and Beauty Corporation Martin Hartman said there was no research proving the drink was harmful in any way.

    He said the company is waiting for clearance from health authorities in Holland to be able to sell the product there.

    He said: 'The product we have developed has got similar properties to nicotine, so we are trying to help people out who are affected by the ban on nicotine. People might use this instead of a cigarette or tobacco to help the cravings.

    'It is a relaxing drink, it gives a similar affect to smoking - initially you get a little boost which makes you more alert, then a euphoric, calming feeling.

    'It will take the edge off of a need for nicotine for between one to four hours.

    'I think it will help people who feel the need for nicotine in bars, restaurants, long-haul flights and on the train.'

    But anti-smoking groups are not impressed. Amanda Sanford, from Action on Smoking and Health, said: 'We are concerned that we have started to see a number of these novel products on the market which are supposed to be alternatives to smoking.

    'Although we welcome anything which is a genuine alternative, many of these are totally unregulated and we only have the manufacturer's word about what they contain.

    'We would be concerned about any health claims that are unsubstantiated, and at this stage we wouldn't encourage people to buy them.'

    The group also criticised the packaging, which is designed to look like a pack of cigarettes, saying it could further encourage smoking.

    Concern has been growing about the effects of high caffeine drinks, such as Red Bull, on young people.

    Drunk in excess, caffeine can lead to insomnia, anxiety and hyperactivity.

    Mr Hartman stressed that Liquid Smoking has a relaxing rather than stimulating effect.

    By Lucy Ballinger
    Daily Mail Online
    Last updated at 2:45 AM on 27th October 2008

    Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/a...ses-instant-high-smokers-trying-beat-ban.html

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  1. fnord
    Can anyone find an ingrediant list?
  2. chillinwill
    Not exactly sure but the original article says it contains no nicotine, yet Fox News says it contains 15% nicotine.

    A drink containing nicotine is being launched in Britain to help smokers beat the pub ban on cigarettes.

    Liquid Smoking has proved a hit in the Netherlands, where it has been on sale for a year.

    The drink, which contains 15 percent nicotine, also contains an African herbal extract said to provide drinkers with “a slight energizing effect plus a euphoric sense of calming and relaxation."

    Guillaume van Grinsven, sales and marketing manager for Dutch supplier United Drinks and Beauty Corp., said the drink is, “an ideal healthy alternative to cigarettes.”

    But anti-smoking groups have already raised concerns.

  3. Mint boi
    Would 15% nicotine not be well into the lethal dose range? Or at least very near it?
  4. Panthers007
    Why would you listen to/watch FOX News? I want facts, not a fascist laundry-list. 15% nicotine would be 41.25 grams of nicotine. You'd be dead before you swallowed.
  5. chillinwill
    LOL I don't believe Fox News but what just doing some searching to see if I could find what the exact ingredients were. I still am baffled as to how the original source I got this from stated it contained no nicotine and Fox News reports 15%. Clearly, Fox News is wrong here as most other news sources reporting this are stating that is has no nicotine in it
  6. Pondlife
    Here's another article from The Guardian. This one says:

    - No nicotine
    - No caffeine or taurine
    - Contains a South African herb used by the bushmen since the 14th century
    - The manufacturer wants to keep the exact details secret.


  7. G_nome
    Hmmm interesting, SWIM wonders what this African herb could be, kanna maybe?

    SWIM looks forward to trying this drink anyway.
  8. Lehendakari
  9. savingJenniB
    Sceletium tortuosum is the most likely guess. There are numerous other plants endemic to southern Africa noted to produce similar affects. Rabiea albinota is reported to be a hallucinogenic additive to tobacco. Gibbaeum dispar and Pleisopilos bolusii are both used as a snuff substitutes: "Approximately 50 milligrams of dried plant chewed, produced a feeling of euphoria which lasted for about 20 minutes, followed by sedation." Sedative properties are also found in several species of Conophytum. All of these plants are closely related in the ice plant family ~ Mesembryanthemaceae.

    Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna) has a written history dating back to 1662 and 1685. "The traditionally prepared plant material is chewed, or smoked, or powdered & inhaled as snuff. Sceletium elevates mood and decreases anxiety, stress and tension. In intoxicating doses in can cause euphoria, intitially with stimulation and later with sedation. The plant is not hallucinogenic, and no severe adverse effects have been documented."

    In the past two decades much research has been done on this plant. Stocks of wild plants have dwindled from over-collecting, habitat destruction and possible diseases of introduced commercial crops. Plants in the field are now protected under international law for the protection of endangered species (CITES).

    Presently, selected clones of kanna are being commercially cultivated in mass quantities. This is a fast growing short-lived perennial ~ easy to grow in areas with winter warmth ~ short day grower.

    *Information given & quoted in this post from botanical book in my library:
    Peoples Plants ~ A Guide to Useful Plants of Southern Africa
    by Ben-Erik van Wyk & Nigel Gericke; Brize Publications, Petoria South Africa; c. 2000.

  10. El Calico Loco
    Damn...I was hoping it was going to be a nicotine drink.

  11. Sven99
    Sounds interesting... certainly worth giving a try
  12. Razz328
    I'd give it a try, any idea when it will come to the US? I just wonder how it tastes...hmmm
  13. Pope Albacore
    Seeing that it is new to the UK, SWIM does not see it hitting US shelves for quite a while. Just think of the opposition this drink is going to face (however silly that may be).

    Anti-smoking groups in the US are going to try to tear it to shreds. Then again, they did let the Cocaine Energy drinks fly. In the US though (at least in the last 10 years) cigarettes have gotten worse press than cocaine and anyone who is educated on the two knows that cigarettes deserve their bad rep.

    SWIM thinks we'll see this drink but it will have to go through its BS trials and tribulations. Just another way to keep our youth on the straight and narrow! :thumbsup: Welcome to the United States: Please set your watch back 50 years. (Open-minded individuals please return to your country of origin!)

    -Pope Albacore
  14. Zentaurus41
    People like drugs, be it Nicotine, alcohol or weed, though Christians don't like drugs nor do they want others to take drugs. Christians don't even like sex and they don't want others to like sex either, well unless its with children but that's mostly with them priests.

    Point being christians want to control every detail of your life, they suck.
    So if they ban one type of drug, someone will suddenly produce an alternative and this will just go on and on until they are either no more legal drugs left, the Christians are all dead or every one just buys from the black market.
  15. El Calico Loco
    People like that shouldn't call themselves Christians. It's very easy to call yourself one, but quite another thing to act like one. The hateful worship the man, but ignore the message.

    And they are not the only ones. Most of the anti-smoking hysteria here in the states, in recent years, has come from the nanny-state left. They can't allow individuals to do anything that's bad for them, because ordinary people are stupid and need to be managed by their betters for their own good.

    Puritanism is not limited to religion. It's the mother's milk of any fanatical control-freak.

  16. salviablue
    There is a fair bit of drug use in the bible too........
    Besides, the church doesn't like the competition with their big commercial drug.

    This article just goes to show how infactual news reporting can be. What beggers belief is how they are allowed to get away with it.
    Nicotine drink.......15% you say......hmmmm.....

    Looks interesting, however, I wonder how this will impact those bushmen.
  17. Synchronium
    I heard somewhere that Fox News can actually report whatever they like. They can literally make it up.

    Thanks to some legal thing I can't remember, they're not required to report the truth.
  18. EscapeDummy
    (bad) Journalism?
  19. rawbeer
    A bar in south florida sells tobacco infused-vodka...I don't know if it's strictly legal, but I guess a private bar has more leeway than a company selling a mass marketed product - regardless of the veracity of Fox News' wierd story.
    Ted Breaux of Lucid absinthe fame is supposedly also developing a nicotine liquor, or so a magazine article recently claimed (can't remember the source...)
    I always thought drinking tobacco would make you pretty sick. I guess the stuff there talking about here doesn't really qualify...
  20. Potter
    Rawbeer: Are they still around? The restruant in NYC that was making tobacco food closed up 2 months after they started, I haven't heard anything about the tobacco vodka in years.
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