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  1. cockney
    Never blogged before, never had fent before either so as long as a blog doesn't give me a fucking suicidal headache I'll give it a shot,maybe Its going to be useful to document my struggle with pain and now the addiction I have always avoided despite dancing with almost every substance known to man.
    Maybe it will help to remind me one of the reasons I have walked away from the most perfect woman on the planet as I refuse to drag her with me into this dark place, I'll come out but I know she wouldn't, she may go there herself, I think she will, if the realisation alcohol was destroying her life and her health wasn't enough to keep her sober I can't see how she can survive the path that she will take, despite my warnings that there are people who can seemingly do everything and those that try to follow and end up on the damaged, never to be fixed pile.
    Is that it, am I officially a blogger? Do I want the contents of my mind out there in the world? Scares me what's up there maybe its best out..withdraws are kicking in so this things gonna end while I excite my endorphins or what's left of them


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