Prescription drug addictions rise

By Shiacmkmleer · Jul 30, 2008 · Updated Jul 30, 2008 · ·
  1. Shiacmkmleer
    By Jason Szep
    Yea it's long but its interesting
    Edit: Interesting because it adds to the fear everyone has... of their kid becoming a pill head... IT COULD BE YOUR KID. he could be GETTING HIGH OFF MEDICINE RIGHT NOW,

    perfect storm of fear... fear sells

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  1. Alfa
    Re: Reuters runs article on rescription drug abuse

    This is a very good example of an article that needs the images included. The picture of the casket adds to your point of scaremongering. Please edit your post to add line breaks. I added a prefix to your thread.
  2. allyourbase
    maybe its just swim but they seem to do these stories every 5 or so years. the drugs they victimize change, but the basic story does not.
  3. HomerK
    Since when were strong opiates like oxycontin as easy to order over the internet as a book? Swim has only seen it offered once, and it was outrageously expensive and seemed like a LEA honeypot.
  4. beena
    SWIM looked into getting Morphine sulphate (MST) online once and found just one website doing them (there were loads offering tramadol and oxy's though). The price was listed as £30 so SWIM sent the company an email enquiring how many tablets she would get for that price - she was shocked when the reply email came through stating that they were £30 each! Thirty pounds for one 30mg morphine tablet when (at the time) SWIM was taking between 15 and 20 of them a night....needless to say she dropped that idea pretty lively.
    Anyway how reliable are those online pharmacies anyway? Not very, SWIM thinks: she's heard of people getting sold fake drugs that look like the real deal but contain none of the good stuff. SWIM wouldn't waste her time, energy or money on those websites.
  5. Panthers007
    Seems every 5 years or so they trot the story of kids pouring Mom & Dads medicine cabinet in a bag and eat whatever they reach when they stick their hand in. My favorite one of these was "Bathroom Roulette (the article's words)" where the kids were supposed to have dumped all the pills on the floor. Turned out the light. And swallowed whatever they touched while crawling around on their hands and knees.

    The problem with these tired stories is that people do get scared - especially doctors. This can make it difficult for your average John or Mary to get their needed prescriptions filled. The doctor is afraid they'll find Little Timmy's dead body clutching the Tylenol #3 bottle with his name on it. Other than that it'll create more paranoia in parents - more reasons to distrust their kids. They might get so agitated that they'll take their kid to a doctor and have 'em put on Prozac.
  6. beena
    Yeah, SWIM read a very similar story (quite some time ago now as well), about the latest 'craze' amongst kids being to have 'drug-cocktail parties', where they would pass a bowl around full up with tablets raided from their parents medicine cabinets (the comparison was that the kids supposedly would all bring a packet of pills to the party rather like adults taking a bottle of wine to a dinner party - lol), close their eyes and stick their hand into the bowl taking whatever it was they pulled out. SWIM has also read similar stories about kids playing 'drinking games' but replacing alcohol with's always the tabloid press and women's magazines that these nonsense scaremongering stories seem to appear in so SWIM just avoids those type of publications like the plague and sticks to reading her favourite broadsheet newspaper only (which happens to be 'The Guardian' in case anyones interested!), that she trusts a lot more. Always a good idea to read everything through sceptical eyes though (in my opinion).
  7. chillinwill
    SWIM has heard about the kids putting all the meds in a big bowl and reaching in and taking whatever they get; however, SWIM has been in highschool and college in the past 5 years and hasn't seen anything like that....he has SWIM a lot of people wanting meds like oxy's or adderall and some benzo's....SWIM personally thinks that the media is just ramping up something that maybe happend once
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