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  1. detoxin momma

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Marijuana is now legal in more than half the states around the United States and, this means children are more likely to get exposed to the drug. The most common exposure is poisoning through edible marijuana in children and teenagers.

    Some lengths medical distributors have taken to crack down on the exposure to children is creating stronger child-proof packaging and encouraging parents to have conversations with older children about the dangers of the drug.

    Pediatric doctor Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann from Mercy Children’s joins us for more information on how parents can prevent children from marijuana poisoning.


    Original Source

    Written by: Haley Walter, Mar 7, 2017, preventing childrens exposure to marijuana exposure, Fox2 News


  1. Terpene
    Cannabis isn't poisonous. Hence, the term "marijuana poisoning" can't be a thing.

    Responsible parenting is key. It's a must. However, if a child eats something he's not supposed to, you better hope it was cannabis because anything else will kill him. One thing is for sure: if a toddler gets a hold of some pot brownies, he will recover. Every. Single. Time.

    On the list of things to be concerned about, edible cannabis is at the very bottom.
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