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Priest Busted for Crack in Cheap Motel Haunted by His Sister's Decapitation

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    A Long Island priest was busted Wednesday for buying crack in the parking lot of a seedy motel — and told cops he started smoking the drug after his sister was violently murdered, authorities said.

    The Roman Catholic priest, Robert Lubrano, 63, was arrested just after midnight after cops saw him exchanging money with another man in a car in the parking lot of the Bethpage motel during an apparent drug deal.

    “I have been smoking crack cocaine ever since my sister was murdered,” the unassigned priest told police, according to the criminal complaint.

    He was caught with 800 milligrams of “a white/yellowish rock-like substance” and a silver metal pipe stained with residue in a brown plastic bag, Nassau cops said. Police also allegedly found cocaine in the coin compartment of Lubrano’s 1998 Toyota. Pat Ward, Lubrano’s 66-year-old sister, was decapitated in her Farmingdale apartment by her mentally ill son in October 2014. Her son, Derek Ward, jumped in front of a LIRR train and killed himself right after the slaying.

    “He killed my sister because we couldn’t get the prescriptions he needed. For four days, he didn’t have his meds,” Lubrano told the Daily News at the time. “He was a sick, sick kid. I thought I was in a horror movie. Cut her head off? To do what he did to the woman he loved the most in this world, his mommy? Her whole life, she was there for him. She did the best she could,” he said.

    Ward’s other son, Robert Ward, died of a heroin overdose in 1997. She and her husband, John Ward, 63, were divorced, relatives said. Lubrano said the youth was off his medication because the family had a problem getting his prescription filled. Lubrano hinted that the death of his sister would reverberate in his life for a long time to come.

    “We’re in terrible shock,” he said. “She was a wonderful person.”

    Lubrano was arraigned Wednesday afternoon and released. His next court appearance is Monday. His alleged dealer, Michael Oyola, 32, of the Bronx was also arrested. Nassau cops happened to witness the exchange as they were in the area on an unrelated investigation.

    They pulled Oyola over in his 2008 Toyota after he failed to use his turn signal while pulling out of the motel lot at 4107 Hempstead Turnpike. They allegedly caught him with a marijuana cigar and a bag of pot. Police then watched Lubrano as he drove through the parking lot and parked outside Room #20. He almost got to his room. Police stopped him at the door, tracked down Lubrano inside the motel and cuffed him.

    By Graham Raymond - NY Daily News/Jan. 6, 2016
    Newshawk Crew

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. Nosferatus
    Forgive you father, for you have sinned.

    In all seriousness, I'm gonna say the same thing I said about Rob Ford, it's his personal life, who gives a fuck? I don't know why things like this are even newsworthy.
  2. Beenthere2Hippie
    The average person's curiosity is what makes for what makes something news worthy. This is one example of the NY Daily New's version.

    Sorry you don't find it enlightening. You can't please everyone, Nosferatus.
  3. Nosferatus
    Just don't let it happen again. :p

    I believe what we've got here is a misunderstanding, I'm not displeased with the article itself, or even you for posting it, I was more wondering out loud (or in print?) why people's choices in recreation become so fascinating or the subject of discourse when they hold a given position, public figures and leaders and servants of any stripe are still just people, no better or worse than anyone else, so why should they be taken to task for some off hours messing around that doesn't unduly harm anyone else? A lot of people seem to have this highly erroneous belief that someone who's in the public eye or holds some sort of elevated position is supposed to behave better than everyone else, but why? All you can expect is for them to perform their duties competently.
  4. gonzochef
    I agree with you Nos, but still. As a priest, part of competently fulfilling his duties is to be an example of morality. To be such a "sinner" is truly human, but also a failing of his duties as the leader and moral compass of his "flock." That being said, I notice that he is unassigned and therefore has no flock to guide, morally or otherwise.

    What it comes down to is the sensationalism of a member of the clergy, those who we all hold to a higher standard simply for the fact that they hold us to one, being caught in such a demoralizing act. I find it to be similar if not more sensational than the obligatory political sex scandal. While it is true, for right or wrong, that we hold public officials to a higher standard, I somehow find it appropriate to hold a member of the clergy to a higher standard based on the simple fact that their morality is their office, and to preach morality and condemn the immorality of others is their job. It is hypocrisy of the worst kind. Newsworthy? Maybe not. Interesting? Certainly.
  5. Beenthere2Hippie
    Bingo. News in the US (and in most of westernly civilized world) is about hype and curiosity. That's what sells papers or brings people to news threads, as you both expressed so aptly below.

    I wish people were truly interested in real news, but truth is many indulge in the sensationalism in journalism, I believe, because it makes their crazy lives appear more "normal," acceptable to them.

    We are a weird lot, we humans. If you look at our news section and check out which threads attract the most attention regularly, just like in real life, it's the stories that bleed or that view deeply into someone's unique/unusual/warped/ballsy life/drug use/bust/philosophy et al.

    And, no, Nos. I won't let it happen again ;)
  6. Nosferatus
    I must say I'm disappointed that he's not wearing his collar in his booking photo. Can you honestly tell me these don't make you chuckle?





  7. gonzochef
    Nope, can't deny the chuckling frenzy those pictures gave me...
  8. Cherylmarie
    I think the priest's story is pretty sad. Can't imagine what it would feel like to lose a family member that way. I know that would send me off the deep end for awhile.
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