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  1. Alfa

    VANCOUVER -- Marc Emery took a hit from a joint as his fans smoked and screamed for his freedom in front of the U.S. consulate.

    The Prince of Pot, as he is described by American prosecutors, faces extradition for seed sales -- a crime that isn't prosecuted in Canada -- and up to life in prison if convicted by a U.S. court.

    In the same breath, supporters gathered around him demanded sovereignty for Canada and the worldwide legalization of pot.

    People everywhere are outraged and scared it could happened to them, declared 47-year-old Emery.

    "I want to tell you," he shouted above the yells, "You are part of a great awareness. Today, 40 cities around the world, from Warsaw, Moscow, Russia, London, Paris, Madrid, Italy, they are rallying at Canadian consulates around the world. In Melbourne, Australia, and Sydney, Canadian embassies are being picketed!"

    Emery said there are about 50 pot seed companies in Canada selling seeds every day. The businesses, people who buy from them, people who smoke pot, and people who believe in Canadian sovereignty, are all appalled, he said.

    Emery also referred to a poll by the Globe and Mail that showed the majority of Canadians are opposed to his extradition. "People understand if it happens to me, it can happened to a New Zealander, a Mexican person. It can happen to an Australian or a person in England or Paris.

    Police officers looked on as Emery spoke and clouds of pot smoke billowed above the crowd. One officer commented that it was a nice day and that he was glad it didn't rain.

    Emery's extradition hearing starts Friday in B.C. Supreme Court.

    The longtime pot activist is accused of selling marijuana seeds to Americans through the Internet and the mail, conspiracy to manufacture marijuana and conspiracy to engage in money laundering.

    His co-accused are Michelle Rainey-Fenkarek and Gregory Keith Smith.

    The trio was arrested in July after Vancouver police raided Emery's pot paraphernalia store following an 18-month investigation by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Emery was picked up in Lawrencetown, N.S., while speaking at a music festival to raise funds for a medical marijuana organization. He was detained in a Halifax-area jail cell for several days before being transferred to Vancouver.

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  1. Alfa

    Slocan Resident Charges Marc Emery

    A South Slocan resident is embarking on the process to lay charges against marijuana activist and B.C. Marijuana Party leader Marc Emery, dubbed the Prince of Pot, and two other individuals.

    The courts of British Columbia have an application for a process hearing to hear Patrick Roberts' case against Emery, Gregory Keith Williams and Michelle Rainey-Fenkarek for manufacturing marijuana distributing marijuana and money laundering on Monday, August 29.

    On that date, the courts will decide on the future of the case. Because it is a personal prosecution, Roberts explained, charges can be dropped if the courts don't believe that there is enough evidence to get a conviction, or if they do not believe that it is in the public interest to continue with the case.

    Emery, Williams and Rainey-Fenkarek have recently been released on bail after being arrested by the RCMP, who raided Emery's marijuana seed store in Vancouver. The RCMP's search warrant for the Toker's Bowl was executed on behalf of the American government. American officials are currently trying to have the trio extradited so that they can be tried in the U.S.

    Roberts is the former Justice Critic for the B.C. Marijuana Party, and the founder of the Bloc B.C. political party.
  2. Alfa
    If I am correct, a Canadian prosecution on the matter would leave the US empty-handed. If Marc Emery is found not guilty, he can not be extradited for doing something which is no crime in Canada. If he is found guilty he has to serve in Canada and will probable not be available for extradition. Does anyone know?
  3. psyvision2000
    from my expereince with us laws, they probably would still extradite him. If he only sold his seeds in canada and did not ship them to the US then they wouldnt extradite him. In my opinion he broke US laws, he will face US penealties, even if he didnt get prosecuted from canadian goverment. He knew what he was doing was illegal in the US and i believe unfortunately will get extradited.
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