Princess Beas Friend on Cocaine

By Bladerunner · Jul 6, 2006 · ·
  1. Bladerunner
    Another high class socialite in coke scandal......​

    THE drug scandal at Princess Beatrice's school began last week when traces of cocaine were found in her friend Lucy Jubb's body. When it was discovered Lucy had taken the Class A drug she was immediately summoned to headmistress Caroline Jordan. Her parents were informed. In a statement yesterday St George's School in Epsom, Surrey, said: "As a result of a drugs test a member of the school tested positive for a banned substance.​

    "No drugs were found in school. The pupil has left and the matter is being dealt with immediately and privately by the family.

    "St George's takes drugs very seriously, as do the family involved."​

    Police have not been called in investigate. Shocked former governor Carol Jacques said: "Gosh! It doesn't sound like the St George's I knew."​

    Lucy , 17, a boarder, is the daughter of leading family law barrister Brian Jubb QC, who | was once head of chambers in Gray's Inn, London. Her mother Susan works in Prince Charles's office. Lucy has a reputation as a socialite. In one internet chatroom she is described as part of the teenage "It" crowd, with Peaches Geldof and Beatrice's ex-boyfriend . Carlos Carello.​

    She is also a keen sportswoman and took part in the i British schoolgirl ski races alongside J Bea in 2004. The pair came 39th out of 44 I teams.​

    Lucy's older 1 sister Alexandra, 28, is also a talented skier. This year Bea, who will be 18 next month, was made head girl of the £7,200-a-term St George's, where she is also a boarder. She was elected after a ballot of the school's 300 girls and staff. Her mother Fergie - the Duchess of York - is a governor of the school. So is former professional golfer Bernard Gallacher, whose TV star daughter Kirsty is a former pupil. The princess, fifth in line to the throne, who has fought against dyslexia. Despite that she passed two A*s, two As and five Bs in her GCSEs and is just finishing her AS levels.​

    She is planning a spectacu-18th birthday party at .Windsor Castle on July 15.​

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  1. Nature Boy
    Why is this even news?
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