Prison In Alleged MDMA Death

By Nagognog2 · May 2, 2006 · ·
  1. Nagognog2
    Prison term in party drug death
    May 2, 2006

    MIDDLETOWN, Conn. --One of the two men charged in the state's first Ecstasy drug death has been sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison.

    Breaking News Alerts Joseph Nedobity, 23, of East Hampton was sentenced Monday in the death of 16-year-old Makayla Korpinen. The girl's death in May 2002 was the first in the state linked directly to an illicit party drug.

    Nedobity, Korpinen's boyfriend, had faced a felony charge of first-degree manslaughter, but pleaded guilty in January to a reduced charge of criminally negligent homicide.

    Police are still searching for 27-year-old Jason Nedobity, who allegedly supplied the Ecstasy. Officials said he took off after Korpinen's death.

    According to a report by the state Child Fatality Review Panel, Makayla was at a house party in East Hampton with other teens on May 17, 2002 when she drank beer from a keg and took Ecstasy. She went into seizures and died in her mother's arms four days later of multiple organ failure and acute renal failure.

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  1. Daeron
    so what youre sayin here is that someone is actually convicted because someone else was stupid and died. and an anothers persons life is fucked up cos they just gave a couple of Es to his brother?

    was the person who brought the keg of beer to the party convicted too?

    they should finally make the official cause of death public-STUPIDITY-youre responcible for your own life. your choice, my choice....
  2. enquirewithin
    Why don't the distillery owners get prosecuted when some fool drinks themself to death on Johhny Walkers?
  3. kemistudent
    Huh? Four days later she died!? How much EtOH did she drink!! While MDMA and EtOH is a bad mix, I find it hard to believe the combo can cause death to someone 4 days later without that person having some sort of underlying medical condition that would have resulted in death regardless..

    Sad news, probably wasn't worth the 5 bucks this kid made supplying it to her. Having someones death on your conscience has to be a real shitty feeling. No matter where that other person is he is probably having a hard time escaping that. I feel for everyone involved. No one in the MDMA game ever has bad intentions.
  4. Alicia
    Would mdma cause those effects in overdose or over exertion in healthy individuals with no underlying health risks? also anything can be sold as ecstasy now a days. could that of been mdma?
  5. Nagognog2
    My point in titling this odious ode with the word 'alleged' was to draw this into question. Glad someone caught that. I was feeling rather alone! LOL!

    It sure doesn't sound like MDMA to me. Possibly a piperazine due to the lag-time in the come-down. Maybe PMA. But I rather doubt the legal shmeegals give a rat's ass. They are celebrating their victory in the "War On Drugs" - having proved, yet again, that sadistic human-nature can triumph over logic and science.
  6. kemistudent
    ahh, a little da vinci code in the title.. nice one! lol, your so clever.:D
  7. hh339
    enquirewithin - thanx for defending old johhny! as for the topic: this is bullshit, they can not prove this death is caused by mdma which it is not. piperazines, pma, who knows, but would the latter really cause deaths 4 days later? dunno. it would be of great interest to know what was in these pills, then maybe a few heads would think again before blaming xtc (mdma) for just about anything and everything.
  8. ravaged_eden
    So that doesn't usually happen to people when they take X, right? Cuz SWIM would like to try X but he doesn't want that to happen to him... maybe that girl had a history of seizures.
  9. hh339
    that sure wont happen if you take mdma.
  10. Nagognog2
    Real MDMA has no track-record of killing one dead a few days later. The story this person(s) was convicted on is bunk. It is also a RED-FLAG to be certain of what one takes. Test-kits, kiddies. Test-kits. Especially if it's a pill. There is a potential flood of fake MDMA pills waiting to happen.
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