Prison time for B.C. woman caught with 84 lbs of ecstasy

By Terrapinzflyer · Oct 30, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Prison time for B.C. woman caught with 84 lbs of ecstasy

    Nguyen Loan Trinh, 31, of Vancouver, B.C., was sentenced to 30 months in for possession with intent to distribute ecstasy prison on Friday in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

    She was arrested on May 23, 2009, as she tried to cross from Canada into the U.S. Investigators found 84 pounds of ecstasy in the gas tank of the SUV she was driving. The drugs were supposedly worth about $1.2 million.

    Court documents say that she made 38 trips to the U.S. in the last two year and admitted to smuggling drugs on at least 10 of them.

    On May 23, 2009, she showed up at the Blaine Port of Entry. Federal agents found a ratchet tool behind the driver's seat that fit bolts used to secure the back seat. The officers discovered the bolts were hand tightened. When they removed the back seat, they found an access plate to the gas tank. Inside officers found 60 bags of pills – more than 120,000 ecstasy pills in all. The GPS in the car was set for a route to San Francisco, Calif.

    Posted by Scott Sunde at October 30, 2009 10:49 a.m.

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  1. jgarlopa
    Cowboy is disappointed because he goes to SF quite often and will now have to buy pills from less reliable sources
  2. EscapeDummy
    Wow, is it me, or was the judge particularly fair here? $1.2 million worth of ecstasy, 84lbs, and she got 30months? Seems pretty light for a (trafficking) drug sentence.
  3. YeaXTC
    ^This seems as though it was highly light of a sentence for trafficking, with the evident intent of distribution, and also with admittance of past distribution, with over $1.2 million in ecstasy?! Swim thought just having one pill in ones possession is considered an instant felony because it's considered manslaughter? 30 months seems highly unfair, swim has heard stories of people getting a year per pill they had (when carrying 20-30 pills, etc) but he guesses it does all depend on the particular judge, and the area for which the trial was held.
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