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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Prison visitor found with drugs, cash

    A visitor to a women's prison has been arrested after staff uncovered more than $20,000 cash and $10,000 worth of drugs in his car.

    The man was at Auckland Region Women's Corrections facility to pick up a form to apply to be an approved visitor for a prisoner.

    "However, anyone arriving on our property can be searched no matter what they are there for, and because of what we found in this man's car, it is unlikely he will be allowed onto the site again for a long, long time," prison manager Agnes Robertson said.

    The cash included an amount in foreign dollars.

    The drugs were primarily packaged as plugs - small glad-wrapped parcels for internal concealment, Robertson said.

    Prison staff found cannabis and drugs suspected to be dimethyltryptamine and ketamine as well as more than 100 canisters of Nitrous Oxide gas.

    "The demand for drugs in prison is high and unfortunately prisoners put a lot of pressure on their friends and family to smuggle it in for them. It is our job to keep it out," Robertson said.

    "In addition to the man facing possible criminal charges laid by police, we will also look to ban him from visiting the prison, meaning he won't be able to visit his friend while she serves her sentence."

    Published: 2:14AM Wednesday November 11, 2009
    Source: NZPA



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