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By DHCdiva · Mar 15, 2012 · ·
  1. DHCdiva
    Blogging......I haven't a clue. This blog is all about Betsy. She has lurked DF for almost a year, double checking all the various meds she has been prescribed due to a painful pelvis bone/ligaments condition developed when pregnant with her 3rd child. Betsy is worried that her options are running out. Nothing takes the pain away anymore and Betsy is having to take more and more...but of course always checks not to get into unsafe levels. Betsy loves the feeling her meds give her - she only takes the nice feeling ones at night before she goes to sleep because it helps with other conditions she has such as insomnia, restless legs, etc. Her prescription bag at the moment contains 30/500 cocodamol, 50mg Zydol, various anti inflamatories and Fluoxetine. She has been prescribed DHC and Amitryptline in the past. She is supposed to take 2 x cocodamol at intervals during the day, and 1 zydol at night. Instead she takes 2xcocodamol and 2 zydol at night and feels nothing. I know this is probably no big deal to you all, but Betsy is wondering how far this is gonna go? Betsy wants the pain to go but also loves the feeling of the meds, but gradually the effect has been less and less. Betsy is worried that her doctor may one day say "no more meds" (doc is unaware of Betsy not following the prescribed dosage/frequency) but is also worried she may have to take more and more meds to get relief. betsy NEVER takes more than 2 cocodamol because of the paracetamol content. So keeps adding more zydol. Betsy not entirely sure of how far this can be pushed.

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  1. DHCdiva
    Thankyou to Phenoxide for categorising this entry.
  2. Hardstepa
    Hey diva,did your doctor prescribe both zydol and fluoxetine at the same time??if he did I would go back and ask him if its ok to take the two together.Tramadol is an SNRI and fluoxetine an SSRI so they dont mix too well.If you look up the tramadol section on here you will get some more info.take care.x.
  3. DHCdiva
    thanks hardstepa. Yeah, gp prescribed them at the same time. I am actually about to change my gp for many reasons - amongst one being that when i was on a very high daily dose of effexor and wished to come off it, instead of cutting my dosage by 10%, he prescribed me 10% of my dosage...and i ended up seriously ill. I googled him, just out of interest, as he has a bit of a reputation amongst fellow medical professionals (my mother in law used to work with him) and i've found some bizarre stuff. Needless to say, the forms to change doctors have been filled in for each member of my family and will be handed in tomorrow. Many thanks for your advice. x
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