Professor Nutt's Son a Lewd, Mouthy Pot-Head?!

By Cooki · Nov 14, 2009 · Updated Nov 14, 2009 · ·
  1. Cooki
    Off His Nutt

    The youngest son of Professor David Nutt - sacked as government drugs adviser - has posted pictures of himself on Facebook apparently smoking dope.
    SNN1407BB--180_928493a.jpg Nutt junior ... in Xmas hat
    Free-thinking Steve Nutt, 24, also appears ZONKED in other snaps on the site, where he treats web fans to disturbing theories and sick jokes.
    His bizarre rants emerged last night after his dad claimed cannabis, ecstasy and LSD are safer than booze and fags.
    They heap further embarrassment on the 58-year-old professor, who was controversially given the boot after accusing ministers of "distorting" scientific evidence about drugs.
    SNN1407DD-180_928488a.jpg High-eyed ... gazing up at sky SWNS
    He declared that cannabis carried a "relatively small risk" of making those who use it psychotic.
    From the evidence on Facebook, his criticism of the drug being upgraded from a "class C" to a "class B" peril could well chime with his lad.
    Nutt junior even comments on his father's sacking, declaring: "Steve Nutt thinks his dad is probably more famous than he'll ever be, BARRING A TERRORIST ATROCITY THAT IS... "
    Terrorism is a theme that regularly crops up in his messages.
    Shockingly, instead of sticking a portrait of himself in his "profile" photo slot like most Facebook users, his image is of an orange labelled "product of Israel" - one half of which is a GRENADE.
    fags_928758a.jpg Smoke ... puffing away
    Barely days after Prof Nutt was sacked as chair of the Government's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, the top academic admitted: "I'm sure my children have tried drugs. In fact, some have told me they have. But I'm not as concerned about this as I am about alcohol."
    It was not known if the professor at London's elite Imperial College has been privy to his daughter Lydia's Facebook pages.
    Photos show her and girl pals cavorting with a bottle of spirits in hand - and were uploaded two years before she turned 18.
    Meanwhile older lad Johnny, 26, has posted photos of himself prancing NAKED in the snow in Sweden.
    SNN1407NUTT-180_928489a.jpg Dad ... Prof David Nutt
    Many of the foul-mouthed messages on his party-loving younger brother's site are too offensive to print in a family newspaper.
    But they can be seen freely by anyone in what is called the "Bristol network".
    He describes his interests as "the stuff other people list under 'sociopathic tendencies' when they have their friends sectioned."
    In one anarchic tirade, Nutt - who is believed to be a student in London - demands: "Bring down the govornment, they don't speak for us."
    Another dismisses the war in Iraq as old hat. It declares: "Lets butcher some Iranians... they bleed bettar."
    He also jokes about mental illness and prostitution.
    On October 25 he wrote: ''I'M ONLY WORKING HERE, COZ I STALK YOUR F****** MOTHER!"

    Author: John Coles
    Date: 14th November 2009

    (Taken from a red-top tabloid, think what you will;))
    The 'so-called' dope-smoking picture is copyrighted and can't be pasted here, so you'll have to look at the it a spliff?!

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  1. Sven99
    Oh for fuck's sake. You can craft a sensationalist tabloid story from just about anybody's facebook page if you're willing to engage in sleaze, innuendo and misleading quotation.
  2. Synchronium
    Since when is the Sun a family newspaper?
  3. Cooki
    Hey! Don't shoot the messenger!;) This is why I advised it's from a tabloid...just a bit of fun. For only one else who stumbles across this and isn't aware of the Sun's reputation, yes: they will make a story out of anything. Would be funny if it's true though!
  4. Synchronium
    We're having a pop at The Sun, not you. :)
  5. Sven99
    Mouthy comments aimed entirely at the Sun's gutter-journalism. Most papers stick to printing tomorrow's toilet paper. The Sun prefer to print today's.

    No disrespect meant to the swimmer that posted it :) its good to get an idea of what the rags and red-tops have to say on the subject.
  6. Doublefields
    It doesn't even look like a joint. I just saw this on the daily mail website with the caption, '..He puffs on what could be a joint of cannabis'
    Come on, are they going to post pictures of him putting sugar on his breakfast cereal with the caption 'Dowsing his breakfast in what could be cocaine'
    The thing that annoys me so much is this isn't news at all, it's just a smear campaign. But it seems that's what most people want to hear these days.
  7. enquirewithin
    I would rather see page 3! ;)
  8. Synchronium
    "Nikki, age 19, thinks classifying drugs based on anything but their objective harms to society and the individual is despicable."
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