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Proposal to build glass-enclosed addicts-only zone in Swedish town tabled

  1. Rob Cypher
    A glass-enclosed area in downtown Falkoping, Sweden, giving alcoholics and drug users a place to socialize, was proposed and then tabled by local politicians.

    The proposal by two members of the Moderate Party called for a space akin to a bus shelter in the central square of the village of 13,000 where addicts could spend time with each other, not feel isolated from society and lessen their public disturbances, party member Christine Joremus told the newspaper Aftonbladet.

    "They should also be able to live the good life," her proposal read in part.

    "The proposal does talk about giving them a place where they can see other people," said co-sponsor of the proposal Hakan Arnesson.

    Other politicians voiced their opposition, the Swedish news website The Local reported.

    "This just feels like an updated version of a leper colony," commissioner and opposition Social Democratic Party leader Conny Johansson told the newspaper.

    The proposal was tabled this week, soon after it was introduced, The Local said.

    United Press International
    June 19, 2013



  1. Alfa
    What a weird proposal. Does anyone know what the intention of this is? Is this a way to get rid of addicts?
  2. Alien Sex Fiend
    so they put addicts in a glass box so they don't feel isolated from society and to lessen their public disturbances? how is this to make em more social? what is this, a zoo?!
  3. mersann
    This does not make any more sense in the original[?] news article(s) reported by aftonbladet.se .

    I found two articles in relation to this:
    This one
    and this second one.

    I provide my own translation here, the word 'kuren' which I translated as 'treatment', since that is the meaning I know of the word and the only one I could find, confuses me, but when I speak of 'glass treatment', then it refers to 'glasskuren'.

    In the first one, it says that

    A transparent free zone out of glass for the drug abusers of the city.

    This suggestion the "Moderates" proposed to the city council two days ago.

    -- They are looking out for the city centre because they want to see life and action, but many people are afraid of them, and the city has applied a security company which is supposed to keep them out of certain regions in the center, says Christina Jorméus (M), one of the politicians behind the motion.

    The glass cure is supposed to be placed at the so-called Köttorg in Falköping and in the motion it is said that "the good life has to apply even to them".

    "want to create a free zone"

    We want to create a free zone for those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Think about a house which you can look out of and into, a place, which is just theirs, and there, they can sit and play cards and be as loud as they want to be, she says.

    The police is positive

    The Moderates want it to be okay to drink and use drugs in the glass treatment.

    -They drink and take drugs wherever it be anyway, says Jorméus.

    According to her, both abusers and the police in Falköping support the idea.

    In opposition, the Social Democrats, which govern Falköping together with C (Edit: Centre Party) and KD (Edit: Christian Democrats), are very critical.

    - I thought we had given up such colonies. This very much resembles a new variant of a leper colony, like Falköpings answer to Christiania, says city councilor Conny Johannson (S (Edit: Social Democrats))

    "Would sit down there"

    In the shelter "Whole human" in Falköping, this cure awakes mixed feelings.

    A man who calls himself Bengt thinks that it can help people to open their eyes toward the drug abusers of the city.

    - Humans who aren't abusers don't understand anything of this. Now they can have a look at how many we are, he says.

    - I would sit down there and drink and use drugs there and I know that many other would do just as I do. And I can also play cards there if the politicians want it.

    Sten Front does not agree:

    - I won't sit down in any glass building in that open place. That politician is a complete idiot.

    In the second article, the police denies that they are in favour of such an idea, because police cannot be in favour of breaking the law.
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