Psychedelic Chemist Explores the Surreality of Inner Space, 1 Drug at a Time

By Each Hit · Mar 21, 2008 · Updated Mar 21, 2008 · ·
  1. Each Hit
    Scientific American has been doing articles on self-experimenters, and they chose a relatively well-known drug figure as one of their subjects:

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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    nice, This oldtimer in a labcoat is or should be the poster child for modern day psychedelia.

    A true hero in my book.
  2. Schwag
    My friend says:
    It is definitely nice to see people appreciating a more alternative genius. Agreed, Shulgin is a psychonaut's super man.
  3. Bajeda
    "It is like opening a door to a hallway," he says, "that has unopened doors for its entire length, and behind every door is a world with which you are totally unfamiliar."

    I like this quote. It does a good job of encapsulating the myriad vicissitudes of consciousness accessible to humans by means of psychedelic compounds. A person's collective experience with a single substance could involve many unique episodes with diverse manifestations of psychoactive effects, even if the elements idiosyncratic to that particular substance were present in each case. Some 'worlds' are more similar to others, and perhaps the unfamiliarity is not quite so profound when experimenting with similar substances. Still, to think that there could be several thousand psychedelics known to humanity within decades, should Shulgin's prediction prove valid... its quite mind-boggling to try and conceive the endless possibilities that these new drugs could hold.
  4. entheogensmurf
    I appreciate his beliefs and the lifelong desire to expand our limited spectrum that is our norm.

    The people who attempt and cover him with a negative discourse should then blame automobile makers with the destruction potential and actual damage inflicted upon life and property.
  5. NeuroChi
    Fantastic article, and as well as the quote Bejeda pulled out. Someone I know once wrote that "An explanation of the universe cannot be final if it disregards other forms of consciousness".

    I think this goes hand in hand with what Dr. Shulgin described.

    It also leads me to conclude that if there are an infinite number of psychoactive compounds, we will never explain the nature of our universe... :cool:
  6. funkm0nkey520
    ive heard alot about alexander shulgin. theres a whole special about him and ecstasy called "ecstasy rising" you can watch it for free on youtube
    "His personal favorite, which he describes as "extraordinarily comfortable and quite erotic," is known simply as 2C-B for its chemical makeup."

    what is this 2c-b they speak of?
  8. funkm0nkey520
    ive heard of 2c-b and one of friends has done it before. its a white powder you buy in little vials. you only need a little amount to feel the effects. im not quite sure how it makes you feel though
  9. Panthers007
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