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  1. chillinwill
    Bellevue Man Nearly Dies After Taking DMT

    A Bellevue man's near-lethal dose of a psychedelic drug is raising concerns of an emergency room physician.

    Emergency room physician Dr. Jeff Snyder said the drug known as DMT doesn't have much of a positive use.

    "That's what the chemical is supposed to do, give you a near-death experience," said Snyder.

    Police said that when they went to a home near 30th and Harrison streets in early January, Terrance Sutton told them he thought he was going to die.

    When he recovered, police accused him of possessing a controlled substance. Benjamin Jones was charged with distribution of the drug.

    "This particular chemical interferes with your pineal gland," Snyder said. "That's your master gland and controls all of your glands. I hate to think it would shut off your master gland and who knows if it would start again."

    Bellevue police said the men ordered DMT off the Internet. Many of the sites selling it are international distributors.

    Snyder said that, in itself, is dangerous.

    "Anytime you're ordering anything on the Internet, you don't know what you're getting and what it's really supposed to do to you, besides the folklore on the street that you hallucinate, have a near-death experience and (it) trips you out," Snyder said.

    Snyder said he hasn't seen a DMT overdose in his emergency room and hopes Sutton's experience is the last scare with the dangerous drug. Both Sutton and Jones made court appearances on Wednesday and are free on bond.

    February 3, 2010


  1. EscapeDummy
    He's a doctor???
  2. Joe-(5-HTP)
    This sentence would be comical if these people weren't supposed to be professionals. Only one case of overdose yet it is a 'dangerous drug'?!
  3. corvardus
    And this is a "doctor"? There are so many errors in this piece for such a small size it is quite remarkable. The pineal gland is not a "master gland" it is a gland that is involved in circadian rhythm and produces melatonin. It has specific enzymes which will metabolise DMT soon as look at it.

    It is this sort of "quality" journalism that is the root cause of laws that inhibit personal freedoms and will continue to do so. Until such time as the quality of journalism increases it will remain so.
  4. OG Kush
    I agree
  5. SullyGuy
    Ah man that made me laugh... Just can't take any of it seriously. There are illiterate people (possibly small children and maybe dolphins) who can write better articles than this!
  6. Potter
    KETV is a fucking joke, I've seen a few other "articles" by them recently which were just as much a crock of shit.
  7. Phenoxide
    Sounds like the good doctor quickly gathered his information from less than reputable sources on the internet. The third eye proponents must be loving having a medico buying into their conjecture though. DMT affects the pineal gland? Pineal gland is the 'master' gland? I guess the HPA axis is kinda a minor detail then. FFFFFFFFFFFFFF- :mad:

    I'm willing to excuse that he may not initially have known what DMT was and what it does, but there's absolutely no excuse for getting the facts wrong. Also anyone who thinks the pineal gland is a primary and critical feature of the endocrine system shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine. This retard of a doctor should be struck off for malpractice. I feel compelled to hunt down Jeff Snyder M.D. and beat him into submission with a log of Mimosa hostilis. I'd like to find this funny but it just fills me with rage!
  8. Terrapinzflyer
    gotta say- in med school education far more time tends to be spent on learning prescription drugs then learning the bodies systems...
  9. EyesOfTheWorld
    And these people were located in the USA and ordered their "DMT" off the internest? Sounds much more like a case of overdoing it with 5-MeO-DMT, which is easily available online and can cause a (false) feeling of impending death
    But why bother with such trivial things as properly identifying the drug in question before writing a scare-tactic article about it?
  10. enquirewithin
    He probably just thought he was going to die. I hope that 'emergency room physician' never treats me! What fool, calling the police, not paramedics.
  11. Alpheus
    Whenever I read articles like this I think what's so dangerous about only thinking you're going to die? From everything I've heard there are no cases of death via dmt overdose. For the sake of argument even if you did something stupid enough to get you killed due to being tripped out that would not technically count as an overdose death.
  12. Coconut
    Yeah, why not ignore the fact that DMT is an intensely-studied drug with decades of research behind it? Because that would be inconvenient to the plot. That's all drug news is: a fictional story which keeps people complacent and ignorant.
  13. bubbly nubs
    SWIM has smoked DMT and has had near death experiences. They are damn scary, litterally thinking SWIM is dying there and then. But he was fine after the experience. Any doctor who thinks DMT can actually kill someone is not worthy of their title.
  14. corvardus
    Another point with idiotic doctors such as this is that it actively discourages people from seeking medical advice due to fear of getting put in the clink. So when it is a real medical emergency (Not DMT, but others) people will not seek medical attention and would die as a result.

    There should be an amnesty for people who seek out medical treatment in that they are not automatically reported to the police.
  15. Triple7
    Why is there natural DMT in the body then?

    A pretty good use is to reset the synapses. This should be used in study for mental illness such as schizophrenia. DMT has shown properties to balance neurotransmitters in the brain into the positive way. And one doesn't get insane from DMT. People don't get the idea to have sex with corpses while on influence. DMT is an nice colorful experience that doesn't last very long. Of course Hallucinogenics isn't for everyone.

    Who or what says that? Guess he or the journalist is messing DMT up with DXM. Since DXM in a medicine, it might be the journalist. DXM is lethal, yes.

    One guy ordered it and gave it to the other who thought he will die. Since it looks like the guy took DXM it might not be as controlled. Walmart sells it. If the guys would know this, it could save their asses. Did they smoke it or eat it? Knowing that could save them lot of trouble.

    Pineal gland and DMT has some connection. Maybe Dr. Snyder also thinks watching the movie Avatar is dangerous? He hates to think.

    DMT shouldn't be as easy to find as DXM so anyone without some knowledge in drugs wouldn't get DMT very easily. If it really was DMT then certain too open forums made negative impact. If there was some documentary about DMT that could reach everyone then it would be very informative and helpful. Long live youtube and internet, certainly youtube helps some newbies look there and learn.

    Folklore? Dr. Snyder believes himself in Folklore. DMT isn't dangerous for then environment, so how could it be in itself dangerous? DXM is indeed not natural.

    The doctor is crap for sure. If the correct knowledge about DMT and DXM could reach the guys maybe they get less trouble. The doctor wont tell any difference between DXM and DMT for sure. How often did Dr. Snyder see overdosing of alcohol? He hates to think.
  16. malsat
    See the work of Dr. Rick Strassman - have a look for his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

    It has been proposed that DMT is released by the pineal at or near the moment of death, thus producing the 'near death experience' that people who survive coming close to death talk about. This is where the doc got the idea that it's 'supposed to give you a near death experience'.
  17. Potter
    Proposed is the important word here. SO far there's been little in the way of concrete evidence to back up Rick's claims.
  18. malsat
    Fun book though.
  19. EyesOfTheWorld

    Exactly. And since dead people make poor test subjects, it's impossible to verify or deny these claims. I grow tired of reading otherwise intelligent drug forum posters, both here and on other forums, claim this mans opinion as absolute fact. He did do some valuable research on DMT, no question, and he showed the rest of us a road map for how to get government permission to do studies with Schedule 1 drugs. He also liked (likes?) to mainline powerful psychedelics and considered(considers?) anyone who didnt/doesn't share that particular taste to be odd or unworthy.
  20. EscapeDummy
    First off, DMT certainly gives swimmers near-death experiences. Swim doesn't think that's up for debate; there are dozens of experience reports where people experience death, rebirth, feelings of dying, one's body dying and 'becoming god', etc.

    And what is this fixation with him having actually taken DXM? Nothing in the article seems to suggest that he had taken DXM; if you read the article, he appears to have 'come down' fairly quickly after the police arrived, which suggests it is NOT dxm. Plus, if it were DXM, it would have come up as PCP on a drug screen, and they'd have had a field day with that. The article also mentions international distributors; as someone stated above, its far more likely that he had 5-meo-dmt or another RC.
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