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  1. Bajeda
    This article is in PDF form so I can't post the text in here, but I definitely think its worth checking out.

    The article is from the University of Pennsylvania Bioethics Journal and ponders the question of using psychedelic drugs as psychological medicine.

    Things similar to this may have been posted before, but this is so well written and covers the use of all psychedelics as well as the reasoning behind allowing their medical use so I thought I would post it here.

    Here is the abstract so you can see if you want to read it:

    From the March, 2006 issue (I believe), this article does more than consider the questions asked in the abstract, it explains them clearly and concisely with excellent logic.



  1. Jatelka
    Bajeda: SWIY could perhaps upload the pdf to the file archive?
  2. illuminati boy
  3. Bajeda
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