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psychoanalysis determining truth behind the BS

By Scloud90, Feb 22, 2015 | |
  1. Scloud90
    In examining various psychoanalytical theories, and psychoanalysis itself, ive come to the conclusion that competing theories can be true, but logical deduction/inference can determine that amount of validity to their frameworks. As long as not mutually exclusive many different psychoanalytical theories about various topics can be true despite seemingly conflictive.

    It is easier to examine the unconscious mind with higher empathy levels and a combined level of curiosity for truth.

    This leads to interest in a pursuit of psychoanalysis, but ultimately regresses in a form of projection making the psychoanalyst fixated on their own forms of development or pattern of their unconscious mind.

    This leads to a progression of theories and connections of belief, formed to their own understanding of development.

    While they can be true regarding their own sense of self and true to a large number of others of the same species, its an ultimate form of projection and dual awareness of their behavior. Projection that is not necessarily done as a coping mechanism but used as a way of understanding other humans due to ones own inability to accept others differences, or accept those that could come about in any different way than ones own deterministic psychoanalytical philosophy.


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