PSychosis. Inpatient. Release. Steps.

By WashedCNDL · Oct 26, 2016 ·
  1. WashedCNDL
    Guess who just got out of a short stay in the hospital?

    And to a lesser (Read: deep sigh) extent planning a serious conversion to Buddhism. From being a rather devout Wiccan this is rather a serious theological change...also coming to terms with my own problems with addiction, substance abuse....the poly substance abuse especially.

    As I sit in my apartment typing this the repeat test of reality pings in my brain. I question if I hint at schizophrenia or a constructed diagnosis of HPPD. Sometimes, I forget candles are just candles. Sometimes I forget my own bodily pains.

    I struggle with this process of coping with legitimate pain and serious drug use and abuse. I'm planning to stay on a low dose of an anti-psychotic at least to just drag myself through the next few days, at least until I can see my primary psychiatrist and process some more of my......stuff.

    Questions of my own grip on this hot iron of addiction.

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