Pub Landlord Sells 9 to 17% purity cocaine.

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  1. deegang
    Pub licensee admits supplying cocaine

    A pub licensee who was caught red-handed with thousands of pounds worth of cocaine during an early morning police raid has admitted supplying the Class A drug.

    Drugs officers searched The Gauntlet Bar in Edinburgh and found John Mackay, 38, with a wad of cash, drugs and drug-dealing equipment.

    Mackay, of Longstone Street, Edinburgh, initially denied dealing drugs but at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today pled guilty to being concerned in the supply of cocaine at the bar and his home last November.

    He is due to be sentenced next year and the Crown are seeking to recover his profits under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

    Fiscal depute Sally Clark, prosecuting, said police entered the pub with a warrant at 8.15am on November 30.

    They found Mackay in the bar area and two of his friends playing snooker in a function room upstairs.

    Mackay was searched and found to have £1165.70 in cash and a "tooter" used to snort cocaine in his pocket, with traces of the drug on it.

    On the bar was a bag containing cocaine worth £250, a rolled up £20 note, and a credit card with traces of cocaine.

    They searched the office and found a block of white powder with a potential street value of £4100 on top of the desk and £2,000 cash locked in a safe.

    Officers also found a sieve, scales and a roll of cling film on the premises.

    The purity of the cocaine was between nine and 17 per cent compared with the average 24 per cent for the Lothian and Borders area, said Ms Clark.

    Mackay claimed a list of names found in his car was friends who owed him money, but police drug experts believed it to be a "tick-list" said the prosecutor.

    Mackay, who has held the licence since February 2007, said the money found on him was the days takings and the £2,000 found in the safe was to pay for a VAT bill.

    He told officers he was a recreational drug user who took cocaine every week and claimed he had found the £250 bag of cocaine hidden in a lampshade in the function room the week before.

    Mackay pled not guilty to supplying cannabis and amphetamine and this was accepted by the Crown.

    His co-accused, Jacqueline Watt, 42, was charged with being concerned in the supply of cannabis and amphetamine but she pled not guilty and this was also accepted.


    November 2008 5:28 PM
    Edinburgh Evening News


    Had to have a laugh at this one. Take note of the purity. 9 to 17% with the average for the Lothians (where i reside) at 24% purity.

    The quality of cocaine in the UK seems laughable nowadays.

    Swim has even heard of ppl sell 8th's for £100.

    Swim would rather keep his money in his pocket, if that's the purity on offer, not that swim endorses any kind of drug taking regardless of purity.


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  1. beena
    Damn! I'm going to the wrong pubs! 17% or not - i'd be happy if my landlord was serving up coke in the bar.

    But I agree with the piss-poor quality of cocaine in this country. SWIM has been using cocaine regularly for 10 years (well, she's been smoking crack for 9 years and powder for about a year before that) and she's noticed the steady decline in the quality of crack.

    At the moment she has a dealer that serves up crack between the hours of 10am and about 8 or 9pm (lazy bastard), and the quality ain't great but it's superior to her other main dealer whose a 24/7 lad. It seems those with the better quality drugs don't feel the need to put in the hours. SWIM guesses this is because they have more customers queueing up to sample their goods.
    What SWIM likes to do is start late in the evening buying the weaker quality gear. She smokes until about 3 or 4am and then uses heroin to come down nicely. And enjoys a few glasses of cider. Then the next morning at about 10am when the other dealer is back on she buys a little more gear. And although the quality is not brilliant because of the other drugs in her system and the break between pipes when she has her first one the next morning it practically blows her head off!
    Anyway, the point is SWIMs not complaining. Hell, nobody makes us buy it.
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