Public helping police trap cannabis growers

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    POLICE have reported a 900 per cent leap in reports of suspected cannabis cultivation within the past month.

    Officers have said the public are helping trap growers and forcing them out of the area, as calls spiked from one or two a week to around four per day.

    Following a wave of raids on cannabis factories carried out after tip-offs, police have warned criminals this is 'only the beginning' of an operation to drive them out of North Lincolnshire forever.

    Sgt Martin Coffey has led a number of high-profile and successful raids in the region in recent weeks, he said public confidence in reporting drug growing had hit a peak.

    "Since the farms we found in August receives a lot of coverage in the Scunthorpe Telegraph the number of people calling in has gone right up," said Sgt Coffey.

    "Before we were only seeing one or two people a week, now it's three of four every day and the public are giving us a lot of valuable information.

    "People are raising concerns over everything from the setting up stages, to working farms."

    Sgt Coffey said for operational reasons, among others, it was not possible to put a number on how many cannabis farms North Lincolnshire could be housing.

    "We know there are more though, and there are already other addresses we're looking at and making inquiries into," he said.

    He said all reports made to police were fully investigated and warned criminals this was a 'very bad time' to be running a cannabis farm.

    "We as police feel quite confident right now, we are meeting our objectives and making a lot of progress in this area.

    "The risk to people growing cannabis has increased significantly thanks to the public. This is only the beginning for the criminals."

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