Public tips help HPD bust $10,000 worth of LSD [Hattiesburg]

By chillinwill · Nov 2, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Hattiesburg police on Friday arrested 11 people and seized close to $10,000 worth of LSD during an investigation that stemmed from public tips.

    Police confiscated 175 LSD tablets and more than 5 ounces of the hallucinogenic drug from five separate residences in central Hattiesburg.

    "We don't see that very often," said Sgt. Mark Denny, commander of the department's Neighborhood Enhancement Team, which led the investigation.

    Denny said police also seized more than $6,200, five guns and more than eight bags of marijuana worth $500. Police also confiscated $300 in methamphetamines.

    Charges against the 11 suspects ranged from sale of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of precursors, he said.

    Spokesman Synarus Green said police are not identifying the suspects arrested because the case remains under investigation.

    Green said police are trying to identify the distribution source and users of LSD within the city.

    "For the identity (of ) a rare drug, namely LSD, there is a concern," he added.

    Denny said the department first learned of the drug through public tips and later sent a confidential informant to purchase the drug.

    "It starts from surveillance and leads to informants - that's how we ended up going to five different residences," Denny said.

    He said the NET team was assisted by members of the 12th Judicial District Narcotics Enforcement Team.

    November 1, 2008
    Hattiesburg American

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  1. Blu_berrytoke
    Stupid public:mad:
  2. Pope Albacore
    SWIM says it is a shame that the public is not more educated on the substances confiscated, especially the LSD. An educated person would know that LSD in the right hands can be a beautiful thing. It does not surprise SWIM that this happened in a Southern state.

    Let us not forget that just under 40 years ago this state was one of the last states to get with the program concerning racial segregation. Some may venture to say that in the rural South that the subject still causes scorn. This being the case, SWIM does not find it hard to believe that the general public decided that they should become informants to rid their community of the "devil" LSD.

    Sadly, ignorance begets more ignorance but every once in a while, in the South, there are individuals that burn brightly (although it seems few and far between). Being Southern himself, SWIM finds it disheartening to see such intolerance and public "witch-hunts" in a region of the country he is so familiar with. One of these days Alice, one of these days...

    -Pope Albacore
  3. bman1
    "Police confiscated 175 LSD tablets and more than 5 ounces of the hallucinogenic drug from five separate residences in central Hattiesburg."

    5 ounces? Is swib reading this wrong? They most be including the container?
  4. crackcityrocker
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