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Puerto Rico’s legislature to debate bill allowing use of medicinal marijuana

  1. Rob Cypher
    Legislators in Puerto Rico are preparing to debate a bill that would allow people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes in the conservative U.S. territory.

    Rep. Jose Baez, one of the two authors, said Thursday that the measure would create a system to legally produce the substance and allow state health officials to regulate it.

    The bill calls for a classification of medical conditions and requirements that would allow patients to smoke marijuana in their homes. Conditions would range from cancer to glaucoma to anxiety.

    The proposal comes shortly after the U.S. federal government pledged not to prosecute or block state pot-legalization laws on the condition that states enact strict and effective regulations.

    Opponents to the Puerto Rico measure say it would foster drug addiction and lead to more crime.

    Associated Press
    September 5 2013



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