Pupils face ban for killer net drug meow meow

By chillinwill · Dec 4, 2009 ·
  1. chillinwill
    Pupils at a grammar school are facing expulsion for possessing the legal but potentially fatal drug meow meow.

    The 14 and 15-year-old boys were caught with the white powder, which can be bought online for £15 a gram, during a lunchtime playground patrol.

    Also known as mephedrone, meow meow is thought to have played a part in the death of 14-year-old Gabi Price (pictured) at a party last month. It can trigger feelings of alertness and euphoria but side-effects include nose bleeds, anxiety and paranoia.

    Dr Peter Holding, headteacher at Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, promised to take a hard line against the two pupils, whose fate now lies with the governors. ‘We are very anxious that parents and pupils are aware of how dangerous these drugs are,’ Dr Holding said.

    Police officers are set to meet the boys and their parents because the pair also possessed cannabis when the meow meow was discovered.

    All the school’s Year 11 pupils achieved five or more A*-C grades in their GCSEs last year.

    December 4, 2009

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