Purdue settles oxicontin class action.

By southridge · Feb 20, 2007 · ·
  1. southridge
    (< swim joined the class action for the hell of it (free money) almost 5 years ago. He was in the original oxycontintest study, & purdue supplied his Rx for 3 years starting back in 97. Last fall, purdue setteled although they never lost a case in court. It was cheaper to settel with the 5,468 claims than to defend them so they paid 78 million among us. 40,000$ after 1 year & still taking the drug. 30k to those with 6 mo rehab, & still taking. 10k to those still taking. 10 k to those that died(opiate niave teenagers & 80mg pills!) & 1500.00 $ to those like swim who wouldnt blow his cover. the atts. got 60% of the 78 mil off the top. & of course this is where swim learned to be what he is.

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  1. Nagognog2
    Please post actual news article(s) relating to this here. Heresay doesn't work.
  2. Shiacmkmleer
  3. southridge
    So very sorry. It was kind of the nature of the deal to keep as much of this secret. Swim had to sign a non disclosure to recive that paltry sum. In theory they could sink swim for releaseing details. he was just kind of surprised that people still taking the drug were eligible for that much cash. He may have alittle more open about his,er, problem. & the deal with putting the dead next to last kind of pissed him off. Swim happend to be in one of the american cities where the Scandal broke. they Aressted 6 docs in one week. Handcuffs & all & every pain clinic stopped writing it. & these people did very irresponsibly write alot of scripts for 80s, which only the rich kids could afford & of course thats where all the deaths got attention. we americans dont seem to care unless your rich or beautiful. sign of the times.
  4. Riconoen {UGC}
    So 5,000 people sued and got 78 million dollars from purdue pharma becuase doctors irresponsibly prescribed the meds? That's a nice chunk of change.

    EDIT: proofreading is good.
  5. southridge
    I agree. The class att. said purdue decided it was cheaper to settle than defend. However, there are still persons with individual claims. as many as 1000 in new york state.
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