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  1. jon-q
    The Queensland government will ban synthetically created cannabinoids that have the same effects as cannabis but, in some cases, are not illegal.

    Attorney-General Paul Lucas said advances in technology meant the creation of drugs such as "Kronic" that were increasingly being used in the community.

    He said more than 380 drugs were illegal in Queensland without a prescription, including cannabinoids, but new drugs were being created that weren't on this list.

    "Advances in technology and people creating synthetic versions of banned drugs mean we need to keep reviewing our laws," he told parliament on Thursday.

    "People are constantly coming up with new mixtures and compounds that have the same effects as cannabis but may not yet be banned because they are chemically slightly different from listed substances."

    Legislation will be amended to ban any substances that are "intended" to have a substantially similar pharmacological effect as known drugs, Mr Lucas said.

    The issue has also been referred to the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the intergovernmental Committee on Drugs to look at a nationwide approach to the drugs, he said

    9 MSN News Thu Jun 16 2011



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