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By derpahderp · Feb 4, 2013 ·
  1. derpahderp
    This was a list of questions posed to my friend. Hitting the mark with people varies but that's a very basic tool to utilize when dealing with addiction in friends or family. Don't blame or point fingers. Ask questions to get know the stranger you see before you (the addict).

    Additionally, there is a fine line of abuse and using. Walk past it and dance around the barrier but remember to try and preserve your life to an extent. Bad things usually happen after 3 days or more. All the crazy stories the public will see stems from the lack of sleep and eatting+keeping hydrated.

    There are many good articles and personal experiences form previous users on df who's experiences are invaluable. Ask yourself, or the person you are concerned about those questions, and make up more if needed when you start medicating in order to cope with issues. The whole point, is to at least get it into their head, ''oh shit, Im fucking up.. etc blah blah stuck feeling."

    Allowing the elephant in the room to exist for too long is your own fault (loved ones questioning an addict). All the hurt, lies and general feelings involved with the process will suck for both parties. Usually there's the experience of an emotional trigger, Uses, and Recycles that pattern. This is the case you have to ask yourself the same questions. Perhaps, figure out whether to say later to that person using -Or- stick by their side. The users responsibility is to get healthy and then up to them to stop using.

    I'd met some people using who are just hurting, and Not one of them has had an evil thought but has retaliated to those who'd mess with their friends/family. Losses from those small battles are apparent every time a sober friend bashes on them. Belief, whether it is a disease or choice is irrelevant, and can be argumentative. Do right by yourself and research topics related to your addiction(s).

    "Learn. Grow. Eventually, there is a way out of the hell you're walking in.. So just remember, keep walking!" -Winston Churchill, variant of original.

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