Quitting my worst addiction - 3 months in.

By DHCdiva · Nov 26, 2013 · ·
  1. DHCdiva
    For 3 months I have stopped using something so destructive it has caused stress and upset, brought me paranoia and contributed to my relapse into depression.
    And now my eldest daughter is using it, I don't want her to be damaged by it the way it has damaged me - she is still in the early stages of thinking that it is fun.

    I am taking about Facebook.

    At first, I thought it was great. Easy to get hold of, and introduced me to friends old and new. It was like a world within a world, and I was amazed at how many of my friends were users. I knew all the risks, and I knew I was in complete control.

    But before long it started to become addictive. I would use it in bed before going to sleep, and before getting out of bed in the morning - and almost constantly during the day.
    And then it started getting ugly.

    I was stupid, and opened a private message from someone I didn't know. Inside it was a hate filled, bullying rant about my disability. And a few days later, another one from another fake profile, containing more hurtful remarks.

    The only people on my friends list were people I knew in real life, and the things mentioned in the messages were only known by friends. So I knew that the nasty messages were coming from a "Friend" using a fake profile.

    I became paranoid and suspicious of everyone.

    I deleted my profile....and went cold turkey.

    I now feel cut off and isolated, one or more of my friends sent messages that were so cruel, it was as if I was in the school playground surrounded by bullies.

    Who would have thought that something that has damaged me so much is legal?!

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  1. Meekajayne
    Facebook in my eyes is the devil. It will change u and uproot u. I like u have deleted facebook. To much politics go on, couldnt stand the fact that my so called friends would talk behind my back and then post nasty stuff. Trolling and bullying dont just happen to our children it can happen to us adults as well. I personally hate facebook and wish I never joined when I did.
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