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  1. Cuberun
    I just had an epic battle with my firealarm. It's Monday and I'm completely braindead from the weekends debauchery and experimentation. Clearly, this means cooking is a task much too large for me... but alas, I live on my own have no lover, can't afford a maid while my parents have long since disowned me. Oh, actually it's Wednesday. Nevermind. Recovering parts of my brain one at a time.

    So... I put the frying pan on my stove (new gas stove, heats up reaaaal good...) along with a pot of water, to boil some pasta. Now, I was gonna stick some meat into that frying pan AFTER I boiled the pasta.. anyways, in great fashion I put the frying pan on max so it's getting dryheated.. supposed to put the water on boil... to cut things short my firealarm goes off. Im running around like a headless chicken thinking im gonna be sexually assaulted by aliens or whatever that thing warns for. Then finally I get a chair, the damn thing wont turn off.. loudest little bugger. I start punching it until I manage to rip it straight out of the fucking ceiling. Little Firealarm the 1st was just doing his job.. or its job, whatever... so in dedication to Firelarm 1st I write this blog. *tear*

    Firealarm was a great servant, waiting for weeks to perform his one and only simple task, which firealarm did flawless only to be ravaged and beaten to death by a perverted and drug crazed madman (ok slight exaggeration).

    Firelarm will be missed and cherished in memory for all etern... for like a day. Until there's an actual fire or extraterrestrials come to rape me. it does warn for that right?


    why do they let people like me have gas stoves? those things are lethal.


  1. old hippie 56
    Know the feeling about them damn things, but mine is hard wired into the house wiring plus a battery.
    Remember next time don't turn the fire all the way up.;)
  2. radiometer
    A headless chicken just might possibly have produced a slightly more edible meal... ;)

    Really funny story - thanks cube!
  3. KomodoMK
    Haha, that little story bought a smile to my face!

  4. Cuberun
    lol im glad my day to day failures have some purpose at least.
  5. old hippie 56
    Glad I don't post mine, might give you a run for the money on the funniest escapades.
  6. sylenth
    RIP fire alarm 1. :laugh:
  7. ex-junkie
    fcuking lol... hahahaha.

    next time the overhead try to prey on your vulnerable genitalia, try flapping a teatowel around underneath it.

    seen. :)

    edited for grammar of all things. jeesh.
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