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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Port Elizabeth - Cocaine with a street value of about R1.4bn, was seized in an "unusual" container at the Ngqura harbour in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday, police said.

    "The container was unusual in that it looked like a petrol tank and had a construction with pillars holding it together," police spokesperson Captain Sandra van Rensburg said.

    "Inside the container we found 22 000 litres of oil and inside the pillars, the cocaine was hidden."

    Police were still trying to establish the amount of drugs in the container. By late on Wednesday afternoon, they weighed out about 100kg, with an estimated street value of about R1.4bn.

    Police suspect there was about 250kg of "pure cocaine".

    "Right now, we still need to pump oil out of the container to see if there are more pillars inside," said Van Rensburg.

    No arrests had been made yet.

    - SAPA


    If my math is right 1.4billon south african rand = $19,102,399.39 US dollars


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