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  1. chillinwill
    'Legal high' link to gun attack

    The family of a Londonderry shopkeeper who sells smoking paraphernalia and "legal highs" said they believe he was shot because of his business.

    Raymond Coyle, 52, was shot several times by a man wearing a motorcycle helmet in his shop on Waterloo Street at about 1730 GMT on Wednesday.

    Mr Coyle underwent surgery on Wednesday night and is in a stable condition.

    His family denied that Mr Coyle had been warned against selling "legal highs".

    Drugs known as "legal highs" can mirror the effects of some banned substances but have not been included in controlled substance legislation.

    'Dissident threat'

    Dissident republicans have previously threatened people selling legal highs in Northern Ireland.

    In December last year the Derry Journal printed a statement from Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) which warned shopkeepers in the city not to stock "legal highs" and drugs paraphernalia.

    In November 2009 the Newry Democrat reported how the Real IRA-linked 32 County Sovereignty Movement had called for the closure of a similar shop in the city.

    In a statement at the time the 32 CSM said, "The republican movement will be taking a greater interest in this issue in future".

    Detectives want to hear from anyone who witnessed the Derry attack or saw one or two men on a motorbike in the area to contact them.

    Foyle MP Mark Durkan described the attack as terrible.

    "The whole community in our city rejects this act of barbarism," he said.

    "Our resolve to reject violent attacks remains unaltered; our message to those responsible remains unchanged - you have no support and you are not welcome."

    January 28, 2010
    BBC News


  1. BloodyMuffin
    Re: 'Legal high' link to gun attack

    Holy Fuck! they shot him for selling legal highs? WTF?! I thought Ireland was a respectable country... this just cant be entirely correct. there has to be another reason. i cannot imagine anyone trying to kill someone for selling drugs of this sort. i cant see this even that big a political issue. i mean i understand that some groups may want these banned, but no political group is going to outright support them, so why the violence?
  2. Alfa
    Re: 'Legal high' link to gun attack

    I understand that there is more to this and that there are more incidents. Some relating to paramilitary groups that are currently loosing funding, because their illegal drug sales are diminishing by 25%. Headshops selling a mass of legal highs directly affect the sales of illegal dugs.
  3. BloodyMuffin
    Re: 'Legal high' link to gun attack

    Thank you. that makes a lot more sense. i was getting worried about the state of the world if someone would kill a shopkeeper because they disagree with his products. if its about profit, its not necessarily any better, but its a more typical reason.
  4. ianzombie
    Re: 'Legal high' link to gun attack

    These scumbags are ex-paramilitarys who go under the banner of Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) and are basically trying to send out a message that no one will cut into their drug dealing profits.

    Its a shocking attack and it has evoked a lot of response from political and community groups across the North. Swim believes there is a protest to be held outside the shop in question against this sort of unnecessary violence.
  5. enquirewithin
    Re: 'Legal high' link to gun attack

    I wonder if this is related to the sales of 'bath salts,' which could cut into cocaine sales?
  6. davestate
    Re: 'Legal high' link to gun attack

    It's Northern Ireland actually ;)

    The illegal drugs trade is dominated by ex,and current, paramilitaries. Nasty nasty fuckers who don't like their turf, buisnesses and profits being taken from them. Some UDA boys tarred and feathered a boy http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...ppost-Justice-drug-dealer-streets-Ulster.html
    Last year, even though their boys were doing the same thing.
    The UVF and UDA state they are against drug dealing, and will 'deal justice' to drug dealers. The UVF, has put a series of anti-drugs posters up on the estates they run to warn dealers that they are not welcome, yet the UVF have been implicated in drug dealing in areas where they draw their support from

    Have a read of this article for more explanation, it's old but still relevant, plenty more have been killed and beaten for the same thing :

    Too bloody right it is, the coke over here is shit, as is most of the weed, and there really s no MDMA at all over here
  7. akack2
    Head Shop Owner Shot in Derry

    [h2]Protest over Derry shop shooting[/h2]
    A protest is to be held on Friday outside the Londonderry shop where a man was shot earlier this week.

    Dissident grouping Republican Action Against Drugs has admitted responsibility and claimed the shop selling "legal highs" was the motive for the attack.
    Red Star owner, 52-year-old Raymond Coyle, sustained gunshot wounds in his thigh and legs when a man wearing a motorcycle helmet walked into the Waterloo Street premises and opened fire.


    Friday, 29 January 2010
  8. akack2
    Re: Head Shop Owner Shot in Derry

    Republican Action Against Drugs is the Real IRA for anyone who is not familiar with the situation here.
  9. chillinwill
  10. akack2
    Re: 'Legal high' link to gun attack

    I dont think there is any evidence of links to drug dealing by the Reals.
  11. anistropic
    Head shop owner shot in northern ireland

    The sale of non illegal drugs in headshops must be hurting the pockets of the purveyors of illegal drugs.

    below is a copy and paste from a northern ireland news site

    [h2]Derry gun victim 'sold legal highs'[/h2]
    A man, who was shot several times in his Londonderry shop , may have been targeted because he was selling "legal highs".

    Raymond Coyle, 52, was in his busy city centre shop, the Red Star, at Waterloo Street when a man wearing a motorcycle helmet walked in and opened fire at about 5.30pm on Wednesday.
    Mr Coyle sustained gunshot wounds in his thigh and legs.
    He was taken to Altnagelvin Hospital in a serious condition and underwent surgery.

    Police are still trying to establish a motive for the shooting, amid local speculation that breakaway republicans may have been behind the attack.
    The Red Star shop sells smoking paraphernalia and chemical substances known as "legal highs".
    Mr Coyle's family believes he was targeted by the gunman because of the items he sells.
    They have denied he was warned before Christmas that he would be targeted if he continued to sell legal highs.
    A month ago the dissident grouping Republican Action Against Drugs, or RAAD, released a statement warning shopkeepers in the city not to stock "legal highs".
    Police said RAAD were behind 11 shootings in Derry last year.
    "Having spoken to the Police, they've told me this man was doing nothing illegal, nothing at all illegal, and who are these people to say that he has been doing things that are wrong?" Jim Roddy, City Centre Manager, asked.
    A ban on several "legal highs", including GBL and BZP, came into force in the UK at the end of 2009.
    Earlier this week, the Irish drugs minister also demanded immediate action to ban legal highs being sold in so-called "head shops".
    John Curran said he was concerned over the health risks of stimulants known as party pills after a number of them were outlawed in the UK.
    "There's legislation that needs to be changed and if people think they're wrong then they should go to their MP and their MLA to get them made illegal so they can't be sold in a shop," SDLP Derry City Councillor John Tierney told UTV.
    On Friday the Socialist Workers' Movement intends to gather outside Red Star to protest against the shooting.
    "The shop has been there for many years", journalist and socialist campaigner Eamonn McCanntold UTV.
    "It sells clothes and it sells jewellery and so forth, and true he did sell legal highs, which as he points out is perfectly legal", said Mr Coyle's friend.
    "He is the very opposite of an evil drug dealer emerging out of the shadows to corrupt young people."
    Police believe the gunman who shot Ray Coyle left the scene on a motorcycle, possibly with another person.
    Foyle MP and SDLP leader Mark Durkan has condemned the shooting as "barbaric".
    "Regardless of what interpretation and rationale they put on the attack on this man, it's wrong and it shouldn't have happened", Sinn Fein MLA Martina Anderson told UTV.
    "They need to take their guns out of our community because there's no support or little support in our community for that type of action."
    Police appealed for anyone with information, or who might have seen the gunman fleeing the scene on a motorbike, to contact detectives.
    They said a burnt-out motorcycle was found outside the city on Thursday morning.
  12. Alfa
    File Archive
    A new entry has been added to News Coverage Videos About Drugs

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit RAAD shoots headshop owner over legal highs
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.
  13. prettygreeneyes765
    1. this man was NOT selling any of this legal product on a large scale
    2. He was NOT selling any illegal substances of any sort

    it is laughable a man can be shot for selling a legal product because someone else has issue with it. Does that mean we can shoot tobacconists if we don't like smoking?? Alcohol has been such a big killer for years, is RAAD going to shoot every seller of alcohol for that? as alcohol gives off a bigger buzz than this "legal high" does otherwise it would not be legal!!!!
    perhaps RAAD's agenda only stretches as far as to shoot a man on the PRETENSE that it's about drugs.

    this does not make any sense whatsoever to shoot this man, especially when account is had of the large number of drug dealers in Derry the city in question, who are KNOWN and yet particular offence was taken on this legal sale in a shop run by a family man? there a enough scumbags running about this town who would actually be causing trouble.. i cant understand how selling this can lead to a shooting when its legal and u can buy it over the internet and 3 other places in the town aswell! the cops have verified this and it is ridiculous this has even happened.

    why was offence taken to him in particular? RAAD have seriously went wrong here as in doing this they have completely contradicted their "community" ideals of protection.

    the community does not support this attack, someone has seriously messed up here and by now i am sure they are well aware of this fact.
  14. Terrapinzflyer
    RAAD respond to Red Star shooting criticism

    Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) has responded to criticism of its decision to shoot a local businessman selling "legal highs" from his city centre shop.

    Raymond Coyle (52) was shot three times in the legs inside his shop, Red Star, at Waterloo Street on Wednesday last.

    His family believe he was targeted because his shop sells smoking paraphernalia and "legal highs" - drugs that can mirror the effects of some banned substances but have not been included in controlled substance legislation.

    Mr. Coyle's family insist he was never warned against selling "legal highs". However, RAAD claim this isn't the case.

    The organisation pointed to a statement printed in the 'Journal' in December in which shopkeepers in the city were warned not to stock "legal highs" and drugs paraphernalia and to remove such items by Christmas.

    The group also claims to have asked a local community worker with knowledge of drug issues to intervene in the hope that "moral thinking would prevail".

    When asked if it was aware of any threat against Mr. Coyle, the PSNI said it could not comment on individual cases.

    In its statement, RAAD also rejected suggestions that it has a political agenda.

    "RAAD has no political interest and we reject totally what the Coyle family have said in the media. We have stated before that we are neither anti-SDLP nor anti-Sinn Fein. Our only interest is to try to disrupt and minimise the inflow of drugs to our communities. We are not about a massive movement building towards some political uptake in arms."


    The organisation also claims that, to date, 35 people "have accepted our amnesty and now getting on with their lives. Three people were exiled but now have been allowed to return home and reintegrate in the community."

    The statement concluded: "The reality of the situation is this: we are here, our members are from the community, live and work in the community and we make no excuse for actions we carry out to stop Derry turning into another Dublin or Limerick."

    Published Date: 02 February 2010

  15. BloodyMuffin
    Wow... really?

    these guys are actually defending shooting an innocent man in the name of morality of all things? I know i cant do anything about stuff like this, and there's not much more to be said on the subject, but it makes me sick to think that people like this actually exist. regardless of whether they're doing this based on some ulterior motive doesn't really matter. they're defending a senseless act of violence. I cant seem to get this out of my head... its just not right... you would think they would have the dignity of most organized crime bodies to admit that they're not good people. its not like they're fooling anyone.
  16. shiva_master
    Swim would for sure go to a protest over that! Though swim does not live in ireland.

    Incidents like this will get legal highs/headshop vendors shut down. It is not like they are running a large corporation. Swim wonders what the motive of this was...

    Swim has not heard of this happening in the US yet.

    That head shop owner may have ripped a big supplier off or some dumb ass lunatic just wants to make it faster for LE to put more regulations on those buisness by a senseless act of violence. This is actually the first time swim has heard of these acts becoming more common.:(

    Possibly head shop owners need a license to carry a weapon in the shop because of robberies and etc?:thumbsup:
  17. Coconut
    Yes, they are: their supporters, who are numerous.

    I believe pretty much all paramilitary organisations here are involved in the illicit drug trade. They eliminate the competition via intimidation and violence.

    As someone has pointed out before, this occurred in the United Kingdom, not the Republic of Ireland, although these scumbags are found in every county on the island.
  18. chillinwill
    Victim hits back at RAAD 'simpletons'

    A Derry businessman has branded the RAAD vigilantes that shot him as "simpletons".

    Speaking for the first time since he was shot three times in the legs as he worked in his city centre shop on January 27, Ray Coyle said he received no warning from the “patriotic thugs” who claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Mr Coyle, who was shot for selling so-called ‘legal highs’, hit out at RAAD’s claim that he was warned about peddling such products in his Red Star store at Waterloo Street.

    Speaking exclusively to the ‘Journal’, Mr Coyle said he felt it necessary to respond to the fallout from the shooting and the “subsequent justification of the actions carried out by these patriotic thugs”.

    He said: “Firstly, their statement that I was repeatedly warned is not true. If I had been, having knowledge of the actions of these vigilantes in the past twelve months - in which they’ve mutilated 12 youngsters from this town, the youngest of whom was a 16 years old schoolboy - I would have heeded that warning and it was the very least I would have expected before being attacked. Furthermore, I would never put myself, my staff or the customers of the shop in danger.

    “This gang’s claim that they asked a local community worker with knowledge of drug issues to intervene in the hope that ‘moral thinking would prevail’ is a complete fabrication. I have never been approached by anyone regarding the sale of these items. I find the grandiose, high moral tone of these self serving, self important simpletons sickening.”

    And the 52 year-old shop owner pointed out that he at no time “now or in the past traded or sold any items that are illegal”.

    “I have been selling these products for more than six years, just like hundreds of other shops across Ireland and the UK, without any problems - and now this.”

    Mr Coyle also paid tribute to the ambulance crew and the doctors and nurses in Altnagelvin - “wonderful people” - for the care he received after the shooting.

    “I’d also like to thank the people who organised the protest outside the shop, and those who attended - that put this gang of thugs on the defensive, hopefully preventing further attacks.”

    February 09, 2010
    Derry Journal
  19. chillinwill
    Derry businessman 'feared he would be killed'

    A Londonderry businessman shot by dissident republicans for selling so-called legal highs has said he feared he was going to be killed.

    Raymond Coyle was shot three times by a gunman in his shop a month ago.

    At least 15 men have been shot and wounded by the group Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD).

    Speaking to the BBC's Spotlight programme for the first time since the attack, Mr Coyle said the gunman shot him as he lay on the ground injured.

    "When I saw the guy coming back into the shop, I could see the gun coming towards me.

    "I put my leg up to try and block it and he fired again.

    "I thought, he's a psychopath, he's just going to empty the gun, he's not going to stop shooting."

    March 2, 2010
    BBC News
  20. mickey_bee
    It's such a complex situation regarding drugs in Northern Ireland. A few years ago paramilitaries were knee-capping drug-dealers and joy riders alike, (crucifying in one case), and now people are saying that the headshops were attacked due to the possibility of them eating into regular drug profits.
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